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Credit: 2 UHS + 5 DMACC

Prerequisite: Trigonometry credit*, 2 Algebra II credits, or instructor approval

Pre-Calculus is designed to prepare students for a course in calculus at the college level. This course is for students who intend to continue their education in mathematics, engineering, science, or other math-related areas, or who are interested in learning mathematics as a part of their total education. A secondary purpose is to provide students not planning a math-related career with the mathematics they need to pass-out of required math courses at the college level. Pre-calculus corresponds to MAT 129 in the DMACC course guide. To qualify for the 5 hours of DMACC credit, a student must complete the full year class (fall and spring semesters) and register in the second semester with DMACC.

*Trigonometry must be completed before or taken concurrently with first semester Pre-calculus.
AP Calculus

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