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Academic Decathlon

Credit: .5 or 1

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status

Members of the Academic Decathlon team represent Urbandale High School in a variety of academic competitions throughout the year. The National Academic Decathlon curriculum is used as the basis of classroom activities. Students work in the areas of mathematics, social studies, science, fine arts, language and literature, economics, formal speech, impromptu speech, interview, and essay. This course may be taken more than once.

Daily Living Skills

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Teacher approval

Daily Living Skills is designed to provide living skills to prepare the student for post secondary transition. The emphasis of this course includes personal safety, community leisure and participation skills, money management, household management, career exploration, personal health needs, and employability and work skills.

Cultural Issues

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior or extensive knowledge of another culture. Required of exchange students.

This class simulates the sounds, sights, activities, and values of the cultures studied so that students will come as close as possible to experiencing them. Field trips, guest speakers, hands-on activities, food, reflections and discussion are regular features of the class. Students will be able to approach new cultures with comfort and sensitivity as a result of the experiences provided during this course.

Drama II

Credit: 1

The purpose of this semester long course is to extend student experience with theater allowing for deeper exploration into the art of production. The student will be asked to develop his or her ability to create theater through artistic collaboration with fellow students and the instructor. Theatre History, culture and technology will dictate the individualized goals of each student. Through creating productions for both presentation in class as well as live performance, the student will grow in his or her ability to recognize the value of performing arts and the process of working as a member of a production team.

English as a Second Language

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