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Credit: 1 UHS + 4 DMACC

Prerequisite: Adv Spanish III-FLS 151/152 & DMACC criteria

Advanced Spanish IV 241- Urbandale Community School District’s Foreign Language Advanced Spanish IV course is designed for fourth year students who want more challenging work than that provided by the regular curriculum. The primary goal of this course is a comprehensive review of the Spanish grammar introduced in Elementary Spanish with the goal of achieving a real working knowledge of this grammar in writing and speech. Comprehensible input now includes short readings in Spanish literature, newspapers, film, web sites or other print or visual media. While serving to increase vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, these also serve as a source of cultural information.

Adv Spanish IV 241 corresponds to the FLS 241 course offered at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).

Adv Spanish IV 242

Download 277.99 Kb.

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