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Credit: 1 UHS + 5 DMACC

Prerequisite: Spanish I, II, & Adv Spanish III 151, DMACC enrollment criteria

Urbandale Community School District’s Foreign Language Advanced Spanish III 152 course offers a balanced program of conversation, listening, composition, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and culture. Students review prior levels materials as needed and explore new areas. Third year examines the art, music, history, and geography of Spain and Latin America, as well as the Spanish way of life and philosophy. Emphasis is on the understanding and production of oral and written Spanish presented in culturally appropriate settings. The language learned is based on themes of everyday life. Students will be asked to engage in more complex conversations using the themes presented in the curriculum. Speech will be monitored for pronunciation and accent and much class time is devoted to practicing speech. Students will also be expected to use available technology practice listening and speaking skills. Advanced Spanish III corresponds to FLS 152 in the DMACC course guide.

Adv Spanish IV 241

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