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Credit: 2 Prerequisite: None

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Credit: 2

Prerequisite: None

Spanish I introduces students to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Major emphasis is placed on understanding the spoken word and conversational skills. Reading and writing are secondary goals. Subject matter deals with everyday topics such as school, family, friends, leisure time, meals, etc. A brief overview of various Hispanic countries, artists, traditions and holidays is included.

Spanish II

Credit: 2

Prerequisite: Spanish I

Spanish II emphasizes vocabulary expansion and continued development of the structure of the language. Self-expression is strengthened through question-answer drills, informal conversation, and speeches. The culture of Latin America, Spanish, and Mexican influences on the United States and the vocational possibilities of Spanish are discussed.

Spanish III

Credit: 2

Prerequisite: Spanish II

Spanish III offers a balanced program of conversation, listening, composition, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and culture. Students review prior levels materials as needed and explore new areas. Third year examines the art, music, history, and geography of Spain and Mexico, as well as the Spanish way of life and philosophy.

Spanish IV

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