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S Art Exploration

S Three-Dimensional Art

S Two-Dimensional Art

S Studio Art (I, II, III, IV)

S Photography

S Photography II

S Ceramics

S Animation I

S Animation II

S Digital Graphic Design

S Adv Drawing & Painting
Business Education

S Introduction to Business

S Entrepreneurship/Business Mngmt.

S Recordkeeping

S Principles of Marketing

Y Accounting

Y Advanced Accounting

S College Accounting

S Computer Applications I

S Computer Applications II

S College Computers

S Multimedia W/Basic Software

Y Introduction to Comp Science
Cooperative Education

Y Marketing Education

Y Marketing Education Internship

Y English

S Advanced English

S Language and Literature

S American Literature*

Y AP English Literature

S Speech Communication

S Public Speaking

S Writing Skills*

S Advanced Composition

S Advanced Composition II

S Lang & Lit/Reading*

Y Life Skills - English*

S Life Long Learner 1

S Life Long Learner 2

Pending Approval:

English Reading

Adv Lang/Lit


Media Analysis

Sports Literature

Creative Writing

Multicultural Lit

Reading & Writing for the Stage

Trends in Lit

Family and Consumer Sciences

S Foods and Nutrition

S Advanced Foods & Nutrition

S Textiles and Clothing

S Advanced Textiles and Clothing

S Child Growth and Development

S The School Age Child

S Housing and Interior Design

S Family Living

S Adult Living Skills

S Parenting
Foreign Language

Y German I

Y German II

Y German III

Y German IV

S German Experience Abroad

Y Japanese I

Y Japanese II

S Modern Japanese

S Formal Japanese

S Traditional Japanese

S Advanced Japanese

Y Spanish I

Y Spanish II

Y Spanish III

Y Spanish IV

Y Spanish V

Y Spanish for Hispanics I

Y Spanish for Hispanics II

Y Spanish for Hispanics III

Y Spanish for Hispanics IV

Y Adv Spanish III

Y Adv Spanish IV

S Cultural Issues

S Drama II


Y ESL Resource*

S Journalism 1*

S Journalism 234


S Resource*

S Service Learning*

S Student Teams


Y Yearbook


Y Basic Math

Y General Math

S Consumer Math I

S Consumer Math II

Y Algebra I A

Y Algebra I B

Y Algebra I

Y Geometry

Y Algebra II

S Trigonometry

S Probability and Statistics

Y Applications of Algebra

Y Pre-Calculus

Y AP Calculus

Y Life Skills - Math*

Y Band

Y Jazz Band

Y Women’s Choir/Men’s Choir

Y Treble Choir

Y Urbandale Singers*
Online AP Classes

Y AP Chemistry

Y AP English Language & Composition

Y AP Physics B

Y AP Statistics

Y AP Macroeconomics

Y AP Microeconomics
Physical Education, Health

Y Physical Education 9/10

Y Physical Education 11/12

Y Contract Physical Education

S Health

S Wellness for Life

Y Life Science*

Y General Biology

Y Advanced Biology

Y AP Biology

Y General Science

Y Environmental Science

Y General Chemistry

Y Advanced Chemistry

Y Physics

Y Human Anatomy & Physiology

Y Life Skills - Science*

Y AP Environmental Science

Social Studies

S Cultural Geography I, II

Y AP Human Geography

S World Issues

S World History (Ancient)

S World History (Recent)

Y AP European History

Y American History

Y AP American History

S American Government

Y AP American Govt/Economics

S Economics

S Psychology

S Sociology

Y AP Psychology

S Non-Western World History
Technology Ed./Industrial Technology

S Computer Aided Drafting I (CAD I)

S Computer Aided Drafting II (CAD II)

Y Computer Design and Animation

Y Architectural Drafting

S Woodworking Technology

S Woodworking Technology II

S Building Construction

Y Building Trades

S Cabinetmaking and Millwork

Y Intro to Engineering and Design

Y Principles of Engineering

S EBCE (Experience Based Career Exploration)*

Y Occupational Social Skills

S Work Experience*

Y – indicates a year long course

S – indicates a semester course

*-Teacher recommendation

Art Exploration

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: None

This art class is designed to provide introductory experiences working with various art forms. The students will learn beginning techniques in various materials and produce art forms such as sculpture, painting, and drawing. Students continue to examine artists and their work and their cultural and historical aspects to encourage student understanding and ultimately expression and production of art as well as an increased awareness of the purposes and value of art; to communicate, to express, and to enhance aesthetic awareness.

Three-Dimensional Art

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Art Exploration with a C or above

This course will give students the opportunity to develop skills in the creation of art using height, width,

and depth. Materials used in class will include clay, paper-mâché, plaster, wood, wire, found objects, and combinations of these media.

Three-dimensional techniques include both additive and subtractive methods of building.

Students will build on existing knowledge of these materials and process and improve their skills and proficiency while exploring new techniques to enhance their ability to communicate and be creative.
Two-Dimensional Art

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Art Exploration with a C or above

This class will focus on giving students solid understanding and skill development in the fundamentals of producing ‘flat’ art. This course is designed under the philosophy that all students who have the basic coordination to legibly write, should be able to have success in producing 2D artworks. Emphasis is on learning to see as an artist and then applying this skill to both dry and wet media. 2D Art begins with basic perception exercises and builds up to using various advanced techniques and media. The topics covered in 2D Art are fundamental to success in creating all forms of visual artworks.

Studio Art (I, II, III, IV)

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: 5 Art Courses (B or higher/Instructor approval), Studio I (B or higher)

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