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Credit: 2 Prerequisite: German III

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Credit: 2

Prerequisite: German III

German IV stresses the use of the language through reading, listening, speaking and writing. Literature and cultural studies are used as conversational topics. Most writing is of a creative nature.

German Experience Abroad

Course Length: Spring semester and summer

Credit: 1

Course Begins: Spring in even-numbered years

Co-requisite: Enrollment in German

Urbandale's German Experience Abroad is organized under the auspices of the German-American Partnership Program (GAPP). The program consists of approximately four weeks during summer vacation at our partner school in Germany, preceded by weekly preparation during the prior semester.

Course work includes preparation of a personal scrapbook to share with the German host family, preparation and presentation in Germany of a report about life in the United States, completion of an activity booklet while in Germany and development and completion of a project related to life in Germany.

Participants are expected to continue with German the following fall and to host a student from our partner school.

Japanese I

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