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Credit: 1 Prerequisite: None

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Credit: 1

Prerequisite: None

Textiles and Clothing provides an introduction to clothing selection and care, wardrobe planning and budgeting, textiles, fabrics, and patterns. Students construct clothing or other textile products using appropriate equipment and techniques. Construction projects are based on individual abilities in order to develop basic sewing, surging, and machine embroidery skills or to improve existing skills.

Advanced Textiles and Clothing

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: C or better in Textiles and Clothing or instructor approval

Students in Advanced Textiles and Clothing explore areas of interest which may include advanced textiles, clothing design, the fashion industry, fashion merchandising and retailing, entrepreneurship, and textile and clothing-related occupations. Students have the opportunity to further develop their construction skills using a standard sewing machine, a serger, and a computerized embroidery sewing machine.

Child Growth and Development

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1   ...   37   38   39   40   41   42   43   44   ...   112

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