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Credit: 1 Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

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Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

The Life Long Learner I course provides students a study of a wide selection of fictional reading with an additional focus on visual literacy (Readings may include painting, photographs, and graphic novels.). Students also learn forms of writing in the working world (Writings may include blogging and journaling).

Advanced Composition

Credit: 1 UHS + 3 DMACC

Prerequisite: Students must earn at least an A- in Language and Literature or a B- in Advanced Language and Literature and/or teacher recommendation

This college-level course is designed for students who wish to gain proficiency and confidence in writing developed through critical reading. Experience will be enhances in all kinds of writing: personal essays and narratives, analytical essays, persuasive essays, and a research essay. Advanced Composition corresponds to ENG 105 in the DMACC course guide.

Advanced Composition II

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