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•more reading

•more written work

•more homework/out of class work

•more challenging problem sets/exams

Students taking AP courses are expected to commit themselves fully to the demands of the classroom environment. A successful AP class experience can benefit the student in many ways, including in-depth exposure and experience in the subject area, good preparation for the demands of college life, and college credit. AP courses are not recommended for students who do not or cannot commit themselves to a rigorous course of study.

Concurrent Enrollment/DMACC Career Advantage Courses

Students may enroll in a course under concurrent enrollment if the student meets eligibility criteria. Students are eligible for concurrent enrollment courses if they have met the prerequisites, or have been identified as gifted and talented by the District. If a student wishes to enroll in a concurrent mathematics course, they must first take the ALEKS mathematics placement exam. Enrollment will be determined by a student’s acceptable score on this exam. It is recommended that students have obtained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, a minimum ACT score of 21, or receive school recommendation. Credit will be granted for a course if the student successfully completes the course as determined by the community college and the course was previously approved by the school board as pursuant to 281 – IAC 22.11(3). Students must take the course for college credit. If a student withdraws from a concurrent enrollment course they are also withdrawn from the UHS course, the grade will be recorded as a WF on the official transcript (withdrawal with a grade of F) after the drop date.

Alternative Credit Earning Courses

Students reviewed by the student study team may be approved to take alternative credit earning courses at UHS.

Scheduling Policies

1. Seniors are required to fill a minimum of seven (6 academic plus P.E) of eight periods. All other students must fill all eight (7 academic plus P.E.) of eight periods in their schedules.

2. Scheduling of UHS classes takes precedence over Postsecondary Enrollment classes. Exceptions require administrative approval.

3. A student's work schedule will not be reason for making a schedule change.

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