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Credit: 1 Prerequisite: Computer Applications I

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Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Computer Applications I

Computer Applications II prepares students to function in an environment - educational, personal, or vocational - in which computer confidence has become the expected norm. Students develop precise hands-on skills in using common software applications, including spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, and presentation software.

College Computers

Credit: 1 UHS + 3 DMACC

Prerequisite: Computer Apps I and II

Grade Level: 11-12

The focus is to use hardware and software business productivity tools. This course builds on skills learned in Computer Applications I and II. Class is accelerated and project-based. Training includes a hands-on introduction to microcomputer applications vital in today’s business and industry. It focuses on operating system, e-mail, internet, word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software applications. College Computers corresponds to BCA 212 in the DMACC course guide.

Multimedia with Basic Presentation Software

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