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Painting & Drywall Technology

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Painting & Drywall Technology

Year One

Care and Use of Hand/Power Tools

Communication Skills

Year Two

Construction Blueprint Reading

Career Work Seminar

Work Experience


Welding for Automotive Mechanics

Oxygen-Acetylene Welding & Cutting

Communications Skills

DMACC Career Advantage
Automotive Collision

Basic Shop Safely

Sheet Metal Fundamentals

Principles of Refinishing

Estimating Theory

Sheet Metal Welding

Automotive Technology

Year One

Shop Fund & Minor Service

Auto Electricity/Electronics

Automotive Engine Repair

Year Two

Basic Auto Power Trains

Adv Auto Power Trains

Basic Suspension & Steering

Auto Electricity/Electronics
Business Administration

Business Law

Small Business Management

Intro to Business

Study Strategies

Personal Finance

Accounting I

Criminal Forensics

Intro to Criminal Justice

Criminal Investigation I

Survey Criminal Justice Agencies

Scientific Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

Culinary Arts

Year One

Food Preparation I

Food Preparation II Lab

Sanitation and Safety

Food Preparation II

Food Preparation II Lab

Year Two


Dining Management

Intro to Hospitality Industry

Work Experience

Menu Planning & Design

Communication Skills


Power Trains I

Hydraulics & Brakes

Health Occupations

Nurse Aid 75 Hours

Advanced Nurse Aide

Emergency Care

Survey of Health Careers

Intro to Health Careers

Medical Terminology
Machine Operations/Tool & Die

Engine Lathe Theory

Engine Lathe Operations Lab

Mill Operations Theory

Mill Operations Lab

Machine Shop Measuring

Mach Trade Print Reading I

Web Page Design

Communication Design IPhotoshop

Intro to Website Development

Interactive Media I

Interactive Media II

Computer Programming

Survey of Mobile Device Technology

The Business of App Development

Mobile User Interface Design

Intro to Programming w/Logic

Intro to Game Design

Java or CIS161 C++

Project Lead the Way

Civil Engineering & Architecture

Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics Lab



(Career and Technical Education)

Computer Applications I

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: None

Students will work with the computer using various software programs as tools applicable to the business world. The emphasis will be on word processing. Students will learn correct formatting for reports, tables, letters, and special projects. Also, desktop publishing, paint, spreadsheet, and database applications will be introduced.

Computer Applications II

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