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Credit: 1 Grade Level: 12

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Credit: 1

Grade Level: 12

American Government is a one semester course required for graduation. Students study a basic overview of the historical development, political process, and the three braches of government. The focus is the national government with additional information on state and local.

AP American Government/Economics

Credit: 2

Prerequisite: 12
This course will meet both the government and economics requirements for graduation and also prepare the student to take the AP government and politics exam, integrating it with the basic principals of economics. Students will learn the basic principles of a market economy and the role of supply and demand, and price determination. It will also include the role of the government in our economic system. Students will become familiar with the various institutions, groups, beliefs, and ideas that constitute U.S. politics. Students will view current issues in American society from a political and economic point of view.


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