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Course No.: 92130

Course Length: 1 year

Credit: 2

Course Begins: Fall

Prerequisite: C average or better in any 2 of the following courses: CAD I, CAD II, 2-D Art, 3-D Art, Computer Apps. I or instructor approval
Computer Design and Animation is an advanced course designed to present design and animation fundamentals and principles. The first semester emphasizes experimentation and demonstration of practical skills and applications. Units include introduction to design, research and development, and production. Practical experience is gained through the creation of a student company, designing and creating a product and completing the steps necessary to manufacture and produce that product. Students will use computer design to produce product renderings, advertisements, company logos, and short animation sequences.
Second semester places the emphasis on creating 3D visualizations and animations. This is accomplished through the use of industry standard 3D Graphics software. Students will create an architectural rendering, an animation sequence, and a design of their own using advanced techniques. Students will also gain experience in presenting their works.
Architectural Drafting

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