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Course No.: 21110

Course Length: 1 year

Credit: 1

Course Begins: Fall

Prerequisite: Audition
High School Jazz Band is a course offered to those students who are currently enrolled in the large group bands which encompass both marching band and concert band consecutively. This class will provide students the opportunity to learn about jazz literature, jazz history, jazz pedagogy, jazz improvisation, and jazz theory. The students in this class will comprise a jazz band, more than one if necessary, which will perform at a variety of venues in concerts, contests and festivals. Involvement in Jazz Band will foster individual responsibility, accountability, self-discipline, teamwork, and dedication towards excellence. Knowledge and skills attained at this level will serve to prepare the student for further musical involvement not only in this idiom, but in other musical endeavors as well. Group literature levels range from level 3 to 5 on a scale of 1 to 6.

Concert Choir

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