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Course No.: 12125

Course Length: 1 year

Credit: 0

Course Begins: Fall

Prerequisite: Instructor Approval
This course is aimed at those students developing proficiency in English who have a working knowledge of English and who want to continue improving their English skills. The emphasis is on developing academic language through content-based instruction and support for curricular course work.

Course No: 02600

Course Length: 1 year

Credit: 1

Course Begins: Fall

Prerequisite: Student Study Team approval
RECESS (Remediation, Career Exploration, Student Support) is an educational opportunity that provides additional support to help students develop positive self-concepts and find academic success. Some needs that permit a student to be considered for RECESS include attendance difficulties, credit deficiencies, delayed graduation, low grades, or personal/family concerns that interfere with school success. Students will be enrolled in a Life skills class to develop personal and social responsibility and to build positive relationships. Study skills support will be provided for the students during study time and students will be given an opportunity to explore and develop career interests.


Download 322.09 Kb.

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