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Course No.: 32150, 32155, 32160, 32165

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Course No.: 32150, 32155, 32160, 32165

Course Length: 1 year

Credit: 2

Course Begins: Fall
These courses are designed to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking Hispanic students who wish to improve their knowledge of Spanish language and Hispanic literature. Materials and assignments are designed to meet the needs of the individual students. Spanish for Hispanics IV corresponds to FLS181 (first semester) and FLS281 (second semester) in the DMACC course guide (pending board approval) for a total of 8 DMACC credits.


Academic Decathlon
Course No.: 80100

Course Length: 1 semester

Credit: .5 or 1

Course Begins: Fall, Spring

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status
Members of the Academic Decathlon team represent Urbandale High School in a variety of academic competitions throughout the year. The National Academic Decathlon curriculum is used as the basis of classroom activities. Students work in the areas of mathematics, social studies, science, fine arts, language and literature, economics, formal speech, impromptu speech, interview, and essay. This course may be taken more than once.

Daily Living Skills

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