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Course No.: 91205

Course Length: 1 semester

Credit: 2 (2-period block)

Course Begins: Fall, Spring

Prerequisite: C or better in Child Growth and Development or Approval. Students must provide their own transportation to and from their assigned school.

Grade Level: 11-12
The School Age Child studies human development during the elementary years. Students identify the mental, physical, social, and emotional developmental characteristics of children as well as suggest how development can be encouraged. Students will be placed in an elementary or middle school to work directly with a classroom teacher. The class will meet for two periods each day. One day a week students will meet with their assigned instructor at the high school. During the remainder of the week, the students will meet in their assigned schools. The purpose of the course is to provide an opportunity to learn about school age children by working in the classroom.

Housing and Interior Design

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