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Course No.: 10166

Program Length: 1 Semester

Credit : 1

Course Begins: Spring

Prerequisite: Intro to American Lit or Writing Skills
The Life Long Learner 2 course provides students a study of a wide selection of contemporary literature including novels, short stories, graphic novels, and other forms of fiction. Other activities will include book talks, book chats, exploring film adaptations, descriptive/everyday writing, group discussions and independent study. Completion of Introduction to American Literature or Writing Skills is required.

FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (Career and Technical Education)
Foods and Nutrition
Course No.: 91100

Course Length: 1 semester

Credit: 1

Course Begins: Fall, Spring

Prerequisite: None
Foods and Nutrition is a basic course in nutrition, food preparation, and meal management. Emphasized are the benefits of proper nutrition and weight control, recommended food preparation and handling techniques, and the planning and preparation of healthy meals. Skills are developed in the preparation of a variety of foods. This course articulates with Iowa community colleges.
Advanced Foods and Nutrition

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