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Course No.: 90105

Course Length: 1 semester

Credit: 1 + 3 DMACC

Course Begins: Fall, Spring

Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: None
In this class students will select a product or service to sell and develop a business plan. They will also learn how to obtain financing and project the financial resources needed tor your business venture. Students will identify the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and understand the forms of ownership and steps necessary to get a business up and running. They will explore how to manage their business once it is started and they will explore the role of small business in the global economy. Technology skills will be infused into this curriculum. This semester course is a dual credit class with Des Moines Area Community College. Students completing the course will demonstrate the DMACC competencies and will earn 3 credit hours with DMACC for BUS 148 Small Business Management as well as 1 credit toward UHS graduation credits.


Download 322.09 Kb.

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