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Course No.: 70600

Program Length: 1 year

Credit: 2

Course Begins: Fall

Prerequisite: Teacher approval

Life Skills – Science allows students to explore a variety of science topics. It is designed to allow students to investigate using the process of scientific inquiry. Skills will correlate with life skills needed during their high school career as well as with their post-secondary transition. Students will utilize these skills in a variety of ways.


Cultural Geography I & II
Course No.: 80130

Course Length: 1 semester

Credit: 1

Course Begins: Fall, Spring

Grade Level: 9

Cultural Geography focuses on a thematic approach that provides the student with insight into the development of various cultures of the world. The relationship between the geographic environment, the history and the cultural characteristics of a society will be explored. Social, economic and political development of each culture is examined along with the arts and sciences produced by each. The student is asked to solve product and performance problems designed to facilitate understanding and application of knowledge. A wide range of activities is employed to introduce the student to worlds like and unlike his or her own. The major outcome is for students to become acquainted with the forces that form unique cultures and to explore and understand the many factors that produce a cohesive culture. The course covers the study of the tools of a geographer including the 5 Themes of Geography and 5 Structures of Culture to study the following units: Africa, Middle East, India, China, Japan, Europe, Latin America, and Canada.

AP Human Geography

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