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The Journal of Negro Education

Volume 69, Number 3 (Summer 2000)

Table of Contents

General Articles

Influences on Mathematics Learning Among African American High School Students

John P. Thomas
Stereotype Threat Reduction and Wise Schooling: Towards the Successful Socialization of

African American Doctoral Students in Education

Edward Taylor and James Soto Antony
Strengths and Needs of African American and European American Grandmothers in the

Working and Middle Classes

Jeffrey A. Watson and Sally A. Koblinsky
Booker T. Washington and Progressive Education: An experimentalist approach to curriculum

development and reform

Donald Generals
Through the Looking Glass: Harnessing the Power of African American Children's Literature

Marta D. Collier

Book/Media Reviews

Reducing Prejudice and Stereotyping in Schools, by Walter Stephan.

(Lauri Johnson)

Human Services and the Full Service School: The Need for Collaboration, edited by Robert F.


(Jean A. Patterson)
We Can’t Teach What WE Don’t Know: White Teachers, Multiracial Schools, by Gary R.


(Theodore Fuller)
Sistahs in College: Making a Way Out of NO Way, by Juanita Johnson-Bailey

(Dia Sekayi)

Cover: A student taking a math test at Woodrow Wilson Senior High School, Washington, DC. Photograph taken by Nestor Hernandez, courtesy of the District of Columbia Public Schools.

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