Table of Contents Chapter 16: Judaism

The Jews and the modern State

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The Jews and the modern State

What was the major event in European history of the 18th century that sparked the emancipation of Jews – i.e. their inclusion as citizens of the country in which they lived. .
There is a speech proposing a resolution in the French National Assembly. How does the speaker address the issue of Jewish money lending? In earlier centuries in Europe the Jews were treated as a group and permitted to have their own authorities. What does the French Assembly say of that? The resolution of 1791 implies that Jews have as a group had certain privileges in France. What is proposed?
One French ruler convened a new Jewish Sanhedrin. Which ruler? In 1807 the French Sanhedrin issued a proclamation. What relationship does the opening suggest between God and the French government? The Sanhedrin distinguishes between two types of “dispositions” found in Jewish Law. What are the two dispositions and how does each relate to the French government?
When did intellectual anti-Semitism begin in Europe? What does the anti-Semitic German passage on The Jewish Question say about Jews who convert to Christianity? Herzl said that political emancipation led to a new type of anti-Semitism. What is the new brand?
Gordon’s 1920 Zionist essay says that the Jewish “ethnic self” is missing. What is ethnic self and why was it missing among Jews? He talks about the move to the Jewish Homeland. What name does he give to that Homeland? Something is happening there that had never happened “in the whole history of mankind.” What?
David ben Gurion was to become the first Prime Minister of the newly founded State of Israel in 1948. One of the readings, the “Imperatives of the Jewish Revolution”, reveals his view of what Israel should be. What type of economy and society did he envision? Who would lead this and why?

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