T name Section Date he First Americans (Prehistory 1600) Objective: To examine how the first humans migrated to America, the purpose of archaeology, and the culture of the Mound Builders

Part of their religion and culture

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Part of their religion and culture

    • First passed down by word of mouth or pictograph

  1. Hopi Origin Story


  • At the beginning of Earth, people lived happily inside the planet. Once it became too crowded, the people began fighting and the chief decided that the people needed to leave Earth’s dark inside. He sent a mockingbird out to fly around outside and report what it found. When the mockingbird returned he reported back that life above them was very different. The tribe grew strong plants that could be used as ladders. The tribe climbed out of the earth. The people decided to travel in many different directions and until they found good land to establish villages and grow crops.

D. Paleo-Indians (yellow text pg. 40)

  • 1. the people who crossed into North America from Asia

a) these people are called Paleo-Indians

b) Paleo means past

a) ancestors are relatives who lived before you

b) indigenous people of the Americas

a) hunting smaller animals

b) fishing

c) gathering wild plants

5. Eventually some Paleo-Indians began to use agriculture to feed themselves.

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