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Herme’s and Apollo’s Cattle

On the day he was born, Hermes stole and hid Apollo's cattle. When Apollo came to retrieve the cattle, the baby Hermes jumped back into bed and pretended to be an innocent child.

Apollo was very angry. He complained to Zeus about how he had been treated. However Zeus found the incident very funny.

The 'Day of the Pots'

On the third day of the Anthesteria, the 'day of the pots', a meal was made and offered to Hermes of the Underworld, on behalf of the dead. This was a day when the spirits of the dead roamed around the earth. People smeared their doorways with pitch, a black, tar-like substance, to stop the ghosts from entering their house. When the day was over, the householder would go around his house saying 'Get out goblins, the Anthesteria is over!'.

Artemis was the goddess of hunting, archery and childbirth. She was also the goddess of wild animals and was normally portrayed as living in the countryside. She had the ability to send plagues or sudden death to mortals, but she could also heal them. She was the twin sister of the god Apollo.


  • Bow and arrow.

  • Wild animals.

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