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Dionysos and the Dolphins

Dionysos, who was drunk on wine, was captured by a gang of pirates. Dionysos awoke to find himself far out to sea. He tried to convince them of who he was but the pirates jeered and laughed at him.

One of the pirates, however, believed what Dionysos said and begged the other sailors to release him. The rest of the pirates refused to listen.

Dionysos finally lost his temper. He filled the boat with wine. Vines went shooting through the masts and broke the sails on the boat. The pirates were terrified and hurled themselves into the sea. The god turned them into dolphins, all except for the pirate who believed what Dionysos said.

The Great Dionysis and Anthesteria

The Great Dionysia was held annually in Athens. The main feature of the festival was a theatre competition. Many different plays by different playwrights were performed and a winner was picked at the end of the festival.

The Anthesteria was a great festival held in honour of Dionysos when the year's new wine jars were opened. During this festival children aged three were given their first taste of wine.

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