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Hephaestos and Hera

Hera, Hephaistos' mother, was horrified by his imperfections and threw him out of Mount Olympus in disgust. The sea nymph Thetis looked after the young god.

Hephaistos soon discovered he had a great talent for making beautiful and useful things. News spread about his talent as a smith. When Hera heard about this, she welcomed her son back to Mount Olympus.

He was called on many times to make armour for heroes such as Achilles and Herakles.

The Chalkeia and Hephaesteia

The Chalkeia was a special feast of bronze-workers. Hephaistos, as the patron of bronze-workers, was one of the gods honoured at the festival.

The Hephaisteia was another festival dedicated to Hephaistos. One of the major features of the festival was a torch race. Torch races occurred at many festivals but are particularly relevant to Hephaistos because of his connection with fire.

Dionysus was the fun loving god of high spirits, strong emotions and wine. He is also closely associated with drama and the theatre.


  • Vines.

  • Holds a kantharos, a special wine cup.

  • Often accompanied by satyrs and maenads.

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