Syllabus subject: American Society (lecture) Teacher

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Subject: American Society (lecture)
Teacher: dr Małgorzata Martynuska
Course Description

The aim of the course is to present American Society in the context of its racial, ethnic, and religious composition.

Topics covered:
Native Americans

European Immigrants


Asian Americans

African Americans

Gender Issues

Consumer Society

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to make contrastive analysis referring to multicultural societies. They should develop sensitivity in terms of minority issues concerning both ethnic and gender aspects.
Grading Policy

Grading based on test results and class participation.


2 hrs every other week.

Textbook and Required Materials

Alan M. Kraut “From Foreign Shores” [in:] American Studies Newsletter, September 1991.

Bromhead P., Life in Modern America, Longman, Harlow: 1992.

Diniejko A., English-Speaking Countries – an Introduction to the United States of America, Egis, Kraków: 2005.

Heath, Joseph i Andrew Potter, Nation of Rebels. Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture, HarperBusiness, New York: 2005.

Jurczyński T., Dictionary of the USA, WSiP, Warszawa: 1995.

Kral T., Twelve Famous Americans, U.S. Information Agency, Washington D.C.: 1994.

Kral T., Portraits in Words, U.S. Information Agency, Washington D.C.: 1992.

Lester David and Irene David “America’s National Symbols” [in:] American Studies Newsletter, September 1991.

Luedtke, Luther, S., Making America, United States Information Agency: 1995.

Schroeder R.C., i N. Glick, An Outline of American Government, U.S. Information Agency, Washington D.C.: 1990.

Shelly Orenstein “American Indians” [in:] American Studies Newsletter, January 1995.

Stevenson D.K., American Life and Institutions, USIA, Washington D.C.: 1997.

Tiersky E., The USACustoms and Institutions, Prentice Hall Regents, New Jersey: 1990.

Tindal G.B. i D.E. Shi, Historia Stanów Zjednoczonych, Zysk i S-ka, Poznań: 1996.

Oakland J. i D. Mauk, American Civilization, Routledge, London and New York: 2001.

Language fluency – at least advanced level.

Download 10.28 Kb.

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