Syllabus psy490/580: Ethics in Psychological Research Spring 2008, Dr. Shapiro

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Course Requirements/Grading

The format for the course will be group discussion of the assigned readings, video and audio. The syllabus lists a large number of readings. Every student is expected to come to class having done the reading and prepared with three questions for discussion of each. The questions are to be handed to me at the beginning of each class. No hand-written questions will be accepted after 11:05 and no questions in any form will be accepted after class. All students are expected to actively participate in the discussions and debates. The course requirements are 1 oral presentation, 3 tests, class attendance and participation, certification from the online CITI ethics course, and a paper. All deadlines are written in stone. No make-up tests are given unless the student is in the hospital or in court on a test day and documentation is provided. A score of 0 is recorded for any missed test without valid documentation. Any student who arrives late will not be granted additional time to finish a test and will be graded on the amount of work completed during the scheduled test period. Any student who leaves a test will be graded on the work completed prior to exiting the room. He or she may not return to finish the test. Attendance, prepared questions and active participation will be judged daily by the professor and will count heavily toward final grades. There is no way to get an A in this class without good attendance and active participation. I do not scale or curve grades. Scores on the CITI online ethics course will not be factored into final grades. However, students who do not pass the CITI course (i.e., earn certification) will receive an F in the course. Your final grade will be calculated in the following way:

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