Syllabus psy490/580: Ethics in Psychological Research Spring 2008, Dr. Shapiro

PSY 490 : Ethics in Psychological Research

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PSY 490 : Ethics in Psychological Research


Dr. Shapiro

Contact Information

Phone: 910-6907

E-mail (best):


Office Hours in LAS 389

Mon and Fri, 9:45-10:45

Wed 8:45-10:45

Course Description

This course will focus on research ethics in psychology. We will spend the first week or so discussing ethics in a theoretical sense, both generally and in relation to psychology. From there, we will spend the remainder of the semester primarily discussing case studies that present certain ethical dilemmas. The tension between the “good of science” and the welfare of individual subjects, both human and nonhuman, will be a central focus. The topics are all controversial, so there should be some lively discussion!

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