Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge:

John Bradfield dreamed to make Sydney the greatest city in the Southern hemisphere. He made Sydney popular because of his iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. The construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge contributed to the Australian society and economy as well. The reasons below explain why the Sydney Harbour Bridge is important.

Before the Sydney harbour bridge was built the main use of transport between the north and south of the Sydney harbour were ferries. There was a high risk that the boats would collide. Goods and services could not be transported quickly enough to support the Australian economy. When the bridge was built the transport was improved which resulted in the economy growth. The transport was improved for the commuters travelling from North Sydney to the city as well. Also, as a result of the construction of the bridge, the property values in North Sydney increased.

Also, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is used for the defence of Sydney. In case of an emergency the Sydney Harbour Bridge provides easy escape from the area.

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