Sw 577 Article Review Format

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SW 577 Article Review Format
If we are to base practice decisions on research, which is necessary if we are to practice ethically, a major consideration should be the quality of the research. The article must be from a peer-reviewed journal and must evaluate an intervention within a social worker’s scope of practice. When you review your articles, use the following format, and label each section of your report. Do not summarize the literature review.
Give a full bibliographic citation according to APA format.

Summarize what the research was about. For example, “This article evaluated the effectiveness of therapeutically-directed tiddly winks as an intervention for atypical attention deficit disorder.” One sentence may be sufficient.

Briefly report how many subjects were in the study, how they were selected, and key demographics.
Briefly explain how the research was conducted.
Briefly explain the results of the research. This should include numbers and should reflect professional ability to interpret the numbers.
Evaluate the quality of the research. Address strengths and weaknesses. (Do not merely summarize the authors’ comments.) Especially if you know that the research was weak, you may want to explain why you chose the article. For example, you might have selected a case study because you could not find any articles that reflected a more rigorous research design.

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