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Sven Bergmann

Corporate Communication

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3 February 2016


Marie-Curie-Strasse 7

35510 Butzbach, Germany

Press release

Fashion that changes the world’

The hessnatur collection for Spring/Summer 2016 stands for modern sustainability: favourite piece after favourite piece

Butzbach. The appointment of Tanja Hellmuth as Chief Creative Officer at hessnatur was a promise. With its Spring/Summer 2016 collection now available to buy, hessnatur is fulfilling this promise: the world’s first fashion collection that is just as appealing as other big brands, yet produced in a socially and ecologically fair way, from field to wardrobe. Modern sustainability is the clear signature of these garments, which have been designed with great attention to detail. The collection is effortlessly contemporary and yet, with its pure materials, appears timeless, versatile and long-lasting. With its meticulous workmanship, hessnatur takes a rigorous stance against any form of ‘Fast Fashion’. The hessnatur collections feature a wide variety of natural fibres or blends of alpaca, yak, linen, merino and organic cotton. The clothing is designed to reflect moods and offer wearers an all-round feel-good experience. Casual elegance combined with great freedom of movement and high levels of comfort are the collection’s clearly recognisable signature features. To this end, the design team has established a coherent system for all fits and stopped using double sizes. “Our new collection marks a quantum leap. Finally, what we’ve been working towards for more than a year is taking shape. We’ve found our style. Fashion that is desirable, that sets the standard in terms of materials, and for which our expertise in sustainability provides yet another advantage“, says Marc Sommer, CEO of hessnatur. “hessnatur has given me the creative freedom to completely revise the DNA of the collection and to define the design language for the whole brand. In conjunction with our philosophy on sustainability and our expertise in materials, we are presenting a Spring/Summer collection for 2016 that really makes a difference: stylishly confident, sophisticated and long-lasting”, says Tanja Hellmuth, Chief Creative Officer at hessnatur.
Sophisticated casual’ for the spring

Sophisticated casual, this is how hessnatur defines the design concept that is being presented for the first time in the company’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection: wearable urban fashion that is desirable, yet offers an alternative to increasingly fast changing products with its meticulously processed natural materials. Each garment combines a strong statement with a variety of options across all levels. Streamlined without being plain, the items of clothing come together to create new realms of expression. The aim is to provide greater scope for personal interpretation and thereby take fashion back to its original roots: as a reflection of individual lifestyle – stylishly confident, yet always on the move.

Favourite piece after favourite piece

For 40 years, hessnatur has stood for sustainably produced, natural fashion that meets the very highest standards in terms of socially fair and eco-friendly manufacturing. The appointment of Tanja Hellmuth to the position of Chief Creative Officer (CCO) in April 2015 heralded a clear strategic direction for hessnatur in the world of fashion: a clear, puristic line with poetic details and well-balanced accents of colour and print. This unique signature is reflected throughout the entire range.

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