Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources: a community Based Conservation Effort in Bar Valley, Gilgit, Pakistan

Problems Encountered during Implementation

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Problems Encountered during Implementation

While implementing the project, a number of problems emerged, some were anticipated while others were not. Although frustrating and time consuming, the project had to design and implement various activities to manage such problems. These problems were of two broad categories: community related and government related.

Community related problems

As mentioned previously the project had to rely on the cooperation of local hunters. The project plan was that revenue from licenses and visitation would be distributed equally amongst the households of the community, without regard to whether or not an individual was previously a hunter. The hunters were not eager to cease their activities for the questionable promise of future revenue. Another problem was if the hunters were given an incentive, villagers who did not hunt might attempt to become hunters to receive this incentive.

Not every hunter in the community was eager to adopt the new rules of the project. The project had already identified several hunters who might violate the rules and continue to hunt. A comprehensive monitoring system was needed in each important ibex habitat to deter such hunters. Since there was no source of immediate income, and the local people were not accustomed to investing in such projects, the project had to either rely on volunteers or had to pay a group people to act as guards to protect the area.

The people, although generally ready to stop hunting, were reluctant to spend days in the remote parts of the valley to guard against poaching for no financial gain. It was thus decided that those who were willing to perform such duties would be paid by the project. Although the guards’ salary was not high, every adult in the valley wanted to participate. However, the project could only afford to pay 10 guards for a limited period. The project anticipated that once the community began to collect revenue from trophy hunting, these guards would then be paid by the community.

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