Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources: a community Based Conservation Effort in Bar Valley, Gilgit, Pakistan

Replication of Project in Similar Areas

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Replication of Project in Similar Areas

WWF/Pakistan felt that the Bar Valley Project could be replicated in similar areas. Two additional project areas were selected based on the following criteria:

u the area should have a minimum of 100 ibex, 50 markhor or 10 musk deer within the project boundaries;

u the local people should be willing to protect wildlife and their habitats; and

u the local people would sign a written conservation-cum-development agreement with WWF/Pakistan, whereby they would be bound to abide by the rules and regulations of such agreement for a specified period of time.

Activities and strategies were to:

u ensure complete protection of wildlife species against poaching;

u ensure the sustainable utilization of natural resources;

u help people to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, their dependence on critical and endangered natural resources, especially the forests and wildlife species of the area;

u make the project sustainable within 10-15 years; and

u persuade and convince local people, NGOs, and government agencies to replicate these ideas in other parts of the North Western Frontier Provinces.

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