Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources: a community Based Conservation Effort in Bar Valley, Gilgit, Pakistan

Availability of non-ambiguous target point

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Availability of non-ambiguous target point

Any project which deals with the sustainable utilization of natural resources, must have a terminating point - a point where the project will be taken over by local partners. If such a point is well identified, and local capacity developed, such a project or activity should be sustainable. The Bar Valley Project has a fixed ending target. It aims to improve ibex populations to a level when the surplus can be harvested through trophy hunting in such a way that a viable ibex population is maintained, while a new and sustainable source of income is generated for the local community.


The Bar Valley Project has become an example in Pakistan of participatory natural resource management. The project’s community involvement and income generating potential show tremendous promise for its sustainability. As of 1996, the available number of ibex in the Bar valley was about 900 with 50-60 animals ready for cultivation. This could bring much needed income into the valley and generate further development initiatives that demonstrate to the local people that conservation of biodiversity and wildlife promise much in return.

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