Surveys and Questionnaires in Research Excerpted from Survival Statistics

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Time Considerations
Many researchers underestimate the time required to complete a research project. The following form may be used as an initial checklist in developing time estimates. The best advice is to be generous with your time estimates. Things almost always take longer than we think they should.
This checklist contains two time estimates for each task. The first one (Hours) is your best estimate of the actual number of hours required to complete the task. The second one (Duration) is the amount of time that will pass until the task is completed. Sometimes these are the same and sometimes they are different. Most researchers and business-people have to divide their time among many projects. They simply cannot give all their time to any one project. For example, my estimate of goal clarification may be four hours, but other commitments allow me to spend only two hours a day on this study. My "hours" estimate is four hours, and my "duration" estimate is two days.
To arrive at your final time estimates, add the individual estimates. The hours estimate is used for budget planning and the duration estimate is used to develop a project time line.
Hours Duration
1. Goal clarification ________ ________

2. Overall study design ________ ________

3. Selecting the sample ________ ________

4. Designing the questionnaire

and cover letter ________ ________

5. Conduct pilot test ________ ________

6. Revise questionnaire (if necessary) ________ ________

7. Printing time ________ ________

8. Locating the sample (if necessary) ________ ________

9. Time in the mail & response time ________ ________

10. Attempts to get non-respondents ________ ________

11. Editing the data and

coding open-ended questions ________ ________

12. Data entry and verification ________ ________

13. Analyzing the data ________ ________

14. Preparing the report ________ ________

15. Printing & distribution of the report ________ ________
Cost Considerations
Both beginning and experienced researchers often underestimate the cost of doing questionnaire research. Some of the most common costs are:
Proposal typing and editing. ________

Cover letter and questionnaire typing. ________

Addressing mailing envelopes. ________

Following up on non-respondents. ________

Mailing list cost (if necessary). ________

Artwork and keylining. ________

Cover letter and survey printing costs. ________

Envelope costs (both ways + more). ________

Postage costs (both ways + more). ________

Incentives. ________

Data entry and verification. ________

Statistical analysis programmer. ________

Distribution of the final report. ________

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