Supporting Bush, Disgusted with the News or with Both Candidates?

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Why to Vote FOR John Kerry and AGAINST George Bush

Supporting Bush, Disgusted

with the News or with Both Candidates?

This is what Bush wants so you’ll be disgusted and just stay with what we have. That’s why he has his surrogates running obnoxious ads, attacking John Kerry, so you won’t watch the news where any news is bad news for George Bush, whether it’s terrorism, the Iraq disaster, the economy, health care, social security, the environment, education

Protecting America

John Kerry says, “I believe the president must defend America and fight for the middle class.”

Bush launched a useless war in Iraq costing billions, and diverted troops from the real task of capturing Al Qaeda leaders and protecting the US from terrorism-- and now he denies the problem.

Kerry is protecting the America the founders fought for-- individual liberties and rights, separation of Church and state-- with religious freedom, not religious control of government.

George Bush favors international mega- corporations, not even American companies and industries-- over people, and is encouraging the end of the separation of state, making policies based on biblical prophecies.

Life Achievements and Character

Kerry has a life history he can be proud of-- fighting in Viet Nam then coming back and fighting to show America the mistake it was making in that war. He probably saved hundreds of thousands of American lives and casualties by helping persuade the nation to leave Viet Nam. He went on to law school and became a district attorney who prosecuted rapists and murderers. He has been a senator for 20 years, passing many important bills, and over that 20 year period ranks about 14 among 48 democrats on a liberal rating scale.

Bush was a high school cheerleader because he couldn’t make the athletic teams, then a spoiled frat-boy who used family connections to get into Yale. He was an alcoholic and drug abuser before becoming a serial failure as a business man, with his Daddy’s friends bailing him out. He violated federal securities laws doing insider trading to make the money (about $700,000) he put up to be gifted a share of a baseball team by another of his Daddy’s friends. Then, when governor, he funded a new stadium for over $200 million that enabled him to sell his share of the team for $14 million. As president he listened to advisors about WMDs who got their information from Achmed Chalabi-- a double agent working for Iran. Bush is the friend to big business, Saudi Arabia, and the wealthy. He promised to be a moderate bringing America together, which is a lie. He is an extremist who has driven America further apart than any time since the civil war.

Do you know any Draft Age Men or Women?

John Kerry promises he won’t institute a draft and he’ll work to get us out of the Iraq “quagmire as soon as possible.

Expect a draft within the first year if Bush is re-elected “Make-my-day” Bush, the “war president” who talks macho using other parents’ GI kids, looks like he’ll be getting us into wars with N. Korea, Iran and Syria. He’s already called up 60+ year old national guardsmen.

Kerry’s attackers question whether he earned medals for

heroism, though they didn’t work beside him and all who did work beside him and knew him support

and honor him. There’s no question about his showing courage and decisiveness in the face of the enemy.

Bush’s supporters attack the reliability of CBS memos, but they don’t argue that Bush avoided the draft and then failed to meet his commitments in the National Guard, which back in the 70’s was a way to evade the draft. The US govt. invested a fortune in training him as a pilot, then he refused to take a medical (purportedly because of his drug use) and was grounded. Now, he wastes billions of dollars of wrong choices and bad judgement.

Health Care

John Kerry plans to cut the number of uninsured Americans by better than half, and has plans that will cut the costs of health insurance without raising taxes for people earning less than $200,000 a year. He supports negotiating for better prices on drugs and allowing people to get medicine from Canada

Under George Bush millions of more people no longer have health insurance, and health insurance premiums have skyrocketed, hurting the budgets of self-insuring families and the bottom lines and competitiveness of businesses. Bush and his Republican cronies claimed they were helping seniors by making it a law that Medicare is NOT ALLOWED to negotiate for better prices for drugs. Bush seems to be protecting the pharmaceutical industry that contributed millions to his campaign, but he’s allowing steel, furniture, computer programming jobs to be exported overseas and his advisors approve of outsourcing

Jobs and the Economy

Kerry has a plan to eliminate tax breaks for companies doing outsourcing, and to give businesses tax breaks for creating new jobs. Under Clinton, over 20 million jobs were created and a $1.5 trillion dollar budget surplus was created.

Millions of more Americans are unemployed under George W. Bush. We’ve gone from having a budget surplus to a massive deficit that will take years to repay. Bush’s job projections have failed miserably. Bush blames Clinton. Bush, when asked, couldn’t think of a single mistake he made. Bush seems unable to fire people-- even the CIA director resigned. Whatever happened to Harry Truman’s “The Buck Stops Here.” Taking responsibility and making tough decisions are indicators of character that Bush gets failing grades on.

America’s Future

Kerry promises to protect social security, to reign in corporate abuse, to develop a long term plan for our energy future that is not dependent on middle east oil, to rebuild our relationships with international allies, to staunch the flow of outsourced jobs. Kerry’s theory is by rebuilding international friendships, we’ll save US troops and billions of dollars in dealing with protecting America and fighting terrorism.

Bush would get rid of overtime pay for millions, gamble social security and privatize it so big corporations can make billions on it. He has failed to take the steps to lead America to energy independence because of his ties to the oil industry-- like Enron’s CEO Ken Lay. He has done devastating damage to the USA’s relationships and reputation in the world. For billions of Asians, Muslims, Africans, and even Europeans, Canadians and Central and South Americans, Bush is despised, making him the most hated man in the history of the world. Terrorists couldn’t ask for anyone better than Bush for helping them recruit new terrorists


Kerry has a long history of supporting protection of the environment and has plans to do more to protect the environment.

Bush has the worst record in recent history on weakening environmental protections, allowing increased pollution... and has appointed lobbyists with massive conflicts of interest to in jobs that are supposed to “protect” the environment.


Kerry believes that education should be supported so all kids have great teachers. He has a plan to make college more affordable, with tax breaks to help.

Bush’s No Child Left Behind promise has been broken. He failed to fund it and now you are paying more local real estate taxes because school districts are underfunded. Bush’s showcase project-- the Houston school district was proven to have used faked data, and actually was a failure, yet Bush Appointed the head of this failed program-- Rod Paige, as Secretary of Education

Supreme Court

Kerry will appoint moderates who will maintain women’s rights, separation of church and state, civil liberties

Bush will appoint right wing extremists who reverse Rights, protect corporations over humans and allow Bush, through John Ashcroft to wipe out Civil liberties millions of American soldiers died to protect

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