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Get Ready…introducing the new specifications

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Get Ready…introducing the new specifications

A series of FREE half-day training events are being run during Autumn 2007, to give you an overview of the new specifications.

Get Started…towards successful delivery of the new specifications

These full-day events will run from Spring 2008 and will look at the new specifications in more depth, with emphasis on first delivery.

Visit for more details.

Mill Wharf Training

Additional events are also available through our partner, Mill Wharf Training. It offers a range of courses on innovative teaching practice and whole-school issues -


Over 70 e-Communities offer you a fast, dynamic communication channel to make contact with other subject specialists. Our online mailing list covers a wide range of subjects and enables you to share knowledge and views via email.

Visit, choose your community and join the discussion!


OCR Interchange has been developed to help you to carry out day to day administration functions online, quickly and easily. The site allows you to register and enter candidates online. In addition, you can gain immediate free access to candidate information at your convenience. Sign up at

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