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5 minutes

  • Warm up: students announce one thing they hope to learn in the lesson.

5 minutes

  • Teacher informs students of the learning aims and objectives of the lesson. Students will be made aware of what they will have learned by the end of the lesson. The teacher will also set the lesson in the context of the course and highlight links to other key areas where appropriate.

10 minutes

  • Teacher explains the meaning of ‘reading against the grain’.

20 minutes

  • Teacher provides students with printed version of the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’.

  • Teacher plays song to students (video also available on You Tube – use of flag adds to the ambiguity)

  • Discussion – what’s the song about? Anti-war or pro-war?

  • Teacher explains to students the way the song has been ‘read against the grain’ and why this has happened.

10 minutes

  • What problems will these words cause for historians 200 years from now?

  • To what extent will future historians be forced to ‘read against the grain’?

5 minutes

  • Teacher sets homework task.

  • Students are supplied with an extract from a Black Panther source attempting to justify violent revolution.

  • Students must comment on how the document could/should be read by modern historians who are aware of the history of the Black Panther movement.

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