Supplement to Jackson Tinsley Rucker Timeline: The Early Allied or possibly allied Families

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Supplement to Jackson - Tinsley - Rucker Timeline:

The Early Allied or possibly allied Families

Linda Sparks Starr – September 2004

This began as part of a time line I created to help separate one Jackson line (which I believe to be mine) from the others in various Virginia counties. This group of Jacksons seemed heavily involved with members of the Tinsley and Rucker family. Backing the three surnames into Essex and Old Rappahannock Counties showed all three had a close relationship to other families. Many of these new families include wives, whose original surname is unknown, but who married several times. Sorting those early families is the reason behind this particular file. That said, I’m not sure ALL these people are of interest to us Jackson / Tinsley / Rucker researchers; in fact I know some aren’t, but I left them in to show we at least looked at them. I added notes as to why I am including them here – for my own benefit, but hopefully the notes will help others too.

I remain indebted to Rhoda Fone for ‘going the extra mile’ in look-ups and calling in favors from others who have the Essex and Old Rappahannock County books she didn’t. Also, a big thanks goes to Cleve Weathers and Bill Pillow for sharing their expertise on these early families. I am indebted to all who are behind the massive web site for Combes and allied families

I’ve cited this as “Combes” followed by the name of the section where the entry is found. Additionally, I thank the various researchers and especially Margaret Amundson, who were involved in extensive discussions of these families on the rootsweb Fauquier Co. VA list.

I apologize for commiting a ‘genealogical no no’ by using the original book and page numbers for citations instead of the specific transcription books where the entries were found. However giving both would make this already cumbersome because of its length file even more so. Also it seemed less confusing to do it this way. The county record notes come from transcriptions or abstracts of the original records by Fred Dorman, Sam & Ruth Sparacio, Beverley Fleet, etc. Patent data comes from Cavaliers & Pioneers edited by Nugent and Hudgins. Approximate birth and marriage years should be considered ‘my best guess’ unless backed by documentable proof.
1614 Approx birth Sylvester Thatcher in England [passenger list _Complete Bk of Emigrants _ by Coldham]
1622 Approx birth year for Thomas Willis who was vestryman 1657 (at age 35)
1623, April 10 Marriage in County Kent, England John Catlett (I) to Sarah Hawkins [Two VA Families by Dr & Mrs W. C. Stubbs] He wrote his will July 19, 1625 (per Margaret Amundson) who quotes it: Sara “my wife to have two cherry gardens in Sittingbourne contains 4 acres for her natural life. If my wife is with child … the two cherry gardens to sd child.” [Amundson's note to Fauquier list: Sarah was daughter of Ralph Hawkins and Martha Baldwin. Also will adds cherry trees to brother Thomas Catlett upon death of wife if no child to inherit. Thomas in County Kent in 1664.]
1626, Mar 12 John Catlett (II) baptized in Canterbury, County Kent, England. [Stubbs]
1626. Sept 19 Sarah Catlet of St. Peter, Canterbury, widow .. relict of John Catlet late of Sittingbourne, gent, dec’d married Lodowick Rouzee of Ashford, Doctor of Physic. [Stubbs] They had several children, but only three are found to Virginia: Ralph the eldest son, Edward (who m. Mary (Gullock) Whitlock and Martha. Ralph Rowzee apparently came to VA circa 1650 with John Catlett and Edward and Martha arrived a couple years later. [Stubbs for marriage; Rhoda for research in VA]
1635, July 6 Sylvester Thatcher, 21 yrs old, among passengers who embarked from London for VA on the Paule, Mr. Leonard Betts, by certificate from the minister of Gravesend. [Coldham]
1637 Approx birth year for Mary ( ) Willis if 18 when first child was born
1638, Mar 2 Richard Bennet 300 acres Isle of Wight … behind Ambrose Meders point ... trans: Tho. Whitlock, Silverter Fitcher [poss Thatcher] [CPv1 Pt Bk II p. 626]
1639 Approx birth year Mary (Gullock), sister of Robert if 18 when first child was born
1642 birth year Robert Pley per his oath in 1676 he saw Edward Rowzie sign his will
1643, Oct 22 Silvester Thacker and Anthony Fulliamb 100 acres Isle of Wight … [CPv1 PB 2 p937]
1647 Approx birth year Symon Miller in Bristol, England [Fauquier list]
1650, May 22 George Taylor … Rappahannock River .. trans: the wife of Silvester Thacker & her child [CPv1 PB2 p.239] Linda note: wife's given name not given here.
1650, 23 May John Catlett & Ralph Rousey … freshes S side Rappa River .. land of Geo Easton trans 8: Ralph Rousey, John Catlett, Valentine Allen, Nicholas Catlett, Peter Neale [Patent Bk 2 C&P. Rhoda note: relationship between Nicholas and John Catlett not known, but highly unlikely brothers or father & son.]

1650, Oct 29 Silvester Thatcher & Thomas Whitlocke 1000 acres lyeing north side Rappah. River next above land of Mr. Wm Yarrett ..[Patent Bk 2, p. 263]

1651, June Thomas Willis witnessed assignment of patent from Thomas Harwood to John Sharpe, Lancaster Co.
1652, June 7 Thomas Lucas .. Popetick Cr Lancaster Co., trans 12 including: Peter Neale, Kath. Rouzee, Sarah Rouzee, Thomas Lucas Sr., his wife and Thomas Jr. [Patent Bk 3 CPv1. Rhoda note: Kath. & Sarah are likely the wife and daughter of Ralph Rowzee. ] Same date John Catlett & Ralph Rouzee … adj their dvdt by former patent … trans 6: Edwarrd Lucas, Sarah Rowzee, Mary Lucas, Edward Rouzee, Martha Lucas, Martha Rouzee, assigned by Tho. Lucas. [Patent Bk 3 p. 144, C&P. Rhoda note: this Thomas Lucas was step-father Elizabeth (Underwood) Taylor Slaughter Catlett Butler; his will dated 24 March 1673 names grandchild Mary Hawkins, loving Son-in-law Thomas Hawkins; he left 20 shillings to friend Daniel Gaines and Daniel Shipley witnessed the will.]
1652 death Epaphroditus Lawson in Lancaster Co.. His widow, Elizabeth (Madestard) married 2nd William Clapham Jr. and 3rd Alexander Fleming. [per p. 51 Paynes of Va by Payne]
1652 probate date will John Upton Gent of Isle Wight Co. VA .. eldest son John Upton ...dau-in-law [step daus] Elizabeth, Sarah and Margarett Underwood …son William Underwoodwife Margaret executrix … friends Geroge Fewdeon, William Underwood and James Taylor, Clerk, overseers … ___ Williamson, wife of James [p. 38-40 Will Book ?]
1652 marriage Elizabeth (Underwood) Taylor, daughter of Margaret ( ) Upton Lucas and Col. William Underwood to Francis Slaughter who died 1656. [Slaughter section Marriages of VA Residents vol. II, Pt IV, p. 118]
1653, April 14 Thomas Willis 170 acs York Co. commonly called York ridge bounded on E by land of Thomas Jackson dec’d … Deadman’s Brook .. land of Wm Clarke dec’d, W thence & land of Edward Wright, NE to sd Jackson. Trans 4: Thos Willis, Mary Willis, Ed Peirce, Eliz Costen, Christian Varblow/Vartlow [CPv1p. 244 PB3 p. 33] Richard Lewis sold 300 acs to Thomas Willis & Richard Watkins [per Rhoda Costen is surname of dau Alice Shipley d. 1716.]
1654, Feb Silvester Thacher … signs bill to pay Giles Webb 300 pounds tobacco at Chuckatuck [Old Rappah Co. deeds] Giles Webb receipt discharging debt signed 1 Oct 1659.
1654, Mar 25 Complt Mrs. Elizabeth (Underwood) Taylor agst Mr. James Taylor, Surry Co. asks to live with her mother & receive 'considerable maintenance'. [ Surry Co. VA, Deeds, Wills Etc. 1652-1672 p. 41]

1654, Dec 16 Sylvester Thacher, Gent., of Lancaster Co. VA … sell 100 acres on Warrisqueak Bay … where Thacher formerly lived … [Isle of Wight Co. Deeds Bk A, p. 67]

1655, Mar 8 Margaret Upton to Francis Slaughter -- same parcel Elizabeth Catlett and her husband, John, sold with Elizabeth calling Thomas Green her kinsman in power of atty. [Old Rappah. P. 62-65]
1655, April 18 birth Ellianor Willis, dau Thomas & Mary, [Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex Co. VA] She married Robert Alden and they had Jane, John, Katherine and Mary. Ellenor was charged with having a bastard child Dec 1688; her bro Richard Willis paid her fine and also promised maintenance of child. Mr. Henry Thacker is reputed father of this Lettice Aldin, who was bound to Marvell Moseley until of age. Ellinor married 2nd Rich’d Kemp c1691/2. They had Ann, Rachell and Richard. [Linda note: Marvel Moseley is name of grandfather Marvel Nash in Lincoln Co. Ky with Joseph Jackson.]
1655, July 1 John Catlett & Ralph Rouzee land in Lancaster Co … land of George Eaton, now purchased by sd John & Ralph … upon Occapason Cr, by land Richard Lawson, Thomas Lucas (purchased by Thomas Hawkins) … [Patent Bk 3, C&Pv1]
1655, July 16 Ludovic Rowzee of VA .. to John Catlett, half-brother of Ralph R., now resident in VA, eldest son of dec’d, late of Ashford Kent, to use of sd R.R. & of Edward & Martha, all children of dec’d, now beyond the seas.’ [Virginia Gleanings in VA p. 620, by Lothrop Withington. Stubbs p. 98 inserts “perhaps mistake for Sarah” after Martha in the above ref. Linda note: could ‘Ludovic of VA’ be error. Rhoda hasn’t found hin in VA records and the words ‘beyond the seas’ sounds like he’s in England, not Virginia?]
1655, Aug 20 Thomas Willess 450 acs Lancaster Co. .. 300 acres gtd Richard Lewis and assigned sd Willis and Richard Watkins & 150 acres for trans 3. Renewed 1663 [ CPv1 p.313 PB 3 p. 365]
1655. Dec 11 George Johnson of York Co appt’d friend Thomas Willys lawfull Atty …to collect sums due estate of brother John dec’d. [Lancaster Co. VA D&W 1654-1661 p. 119-20]
1656, Feb 3 James Coghill witness to assignment from Alexander Porteus to John Simpson. [Lancaster Co. D&W 1654-1661 p. 153-4]
1656, June 3 Ja: Coghill witness to deed between Dana Phelpes and James Christy [Old Rapph Deed Bk 1656-1664 p. 3]
1656 death Francis Slaughter, husband of Elizabeth (Underwood) Taylor Slaughter Catlett Butler [ per Slaughter section Marriages VA Residents vII pt IV, p. 118]
1656 Approx marriage year for Thomas Whitlock and Mary Gullock. [guess of LSS based on only one child when Thomas Sr. wrote his will fall 1659]
1656, Aug 29 birth Richard Willis, sone of Thomas & Mary [Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co.] Linda note: He died by Oct 1703 without issue.
1656, Oct 6 Silvester Thatcher 1000 acres north side Rappah Riv .. dividing own land from Wm Yarrett, parallel to land of Thomas Whitelock 500 acres being moiety of patent gtd unto him & Thomas Whitelock & 500 acres trans 10 ,,[CPv1 PB 3 p. 388]
1657, Jan 14 “Due from estate Nich: Forman dec’d unto James Coghill 1400 lbs tob & caske, 3 barl corne, one pair of stockings & shoos, for ye yeres service. It is ordered that Booth, administrator to sd Ferman est. satisfie debt." [Lancaster Co. D&W 1652-1657 p. 310]
1657, Dec Thomas Willys one of vestryman Lancaster Parish.
1658, May 27 Certificate gtd Thomas Willys for transportacon of 12 persons, himselfe, Mary his wife, Edward Peirce … [Lancaster Co.]
1658, Sept 10 Mr. Wm Underwood 882 acres in Rappah Co. betw head branches of Pepetick Cr & Mr. Pope's Cr, beginning near Rappah path, extending to head of lands of Silvester Thatcher & Thomas Whitlocke. [Patent Bk 4, p. 245, CPv1]
1658, Sept 15 Thomas Willis & John Midleton 600 acs Lancaster Co. begin on head of Sanderland Cr, NW upon Thomas Paddison & SW upon the great swampe. Note: sd Midleton assigned his share unto Willis & patent renewed 16 Feb 1663. [CPv1 p. 377 PB 4 p. 217]
1658, Nov 24 birth John Willis, Sone of Tho & Mary [Christ Church, Middlesex Co.] Rhoda note: His will dated April 1688 names Elenor, John and Mary Alden, John Barloe and executor, his brother Richard Willis.
1658 Mr. John Payne and Mr. John Catlett wit: will Richard Lawson, brother of Epaphroditus, whose daughter, Elizabeth, married Robert Payne Sr. of Rappah. Co. [p. 46 Paynes of VA by Payne]
1659, by Oct Col. John Catlett maried Elizabeth Underwood, widow of Francis Slaughter Sr. who d. 1658. She separated from her first husband, Dr. James Taylor Mar 26, 1655 and m. Slaughter after death of her husband. She and John Catlett had five children, one died as infant; Elizabeth married 4th Rev. Amory Butler.
1659, Nov 20 will Thomas Whitlock presented to Rappa Court, dated Oct 9, named wife Mary and son Thomas to get 600 acres when 21 .. son’s godfather, ___ Thatcher … plant orchard ‘trees due to me by condition from my mate Samuel Nicholls …. Wit: Allex. Fleming, John Richardson, Jamb Gate. (sic) [Recorded Rappah Co. 20 Nov 1659. Widow Mary (Gullock) m. 2nd Edward Rowzee; Thos Whitlock Jr.’s will dated 1678. Note: Combes – Old Rappah. Co. VA (Essex Co. will “Robert Cammock named Richard Whitlock husband of his daughter Dorothy) and Thomas Whitlock and Sylvester Thatcher came to Old Rappah from Isle of Wight Co. – both headrights of Richard Bennett in 1638, the latter’s land adj Ambrose Meadors, father of John … Sylvester Thatcher’s widow m. in 1667 Warwick Cammock. Rhoda & Linda believe Sylvester Thatcher is godfather of Thomas Jr.]
1659, Nov Silvester Thacher of Rappah Co. to John Paine … 600 acres South side within the freshes … backside of patent dated Oct 12, 1659 … by assignment from James Yates … my wife Margaret Thacher … (Margaret (o) Thacher. [Old Rappah deeds from Sparacio books.]
1660, Feb 23 Mary Willis, dau Thomas & Mary Willis Christened [Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex Co. VA Not named in mother’s 1670 pre-nuptial contract, so died before 1670.]
1660, Mar 18 Silvester Thatcher 100 acs N side Rappa River, begin at Cr which devides Thatcher and Wm Yarrett, running N along river to land of Thomas Whitlock. [CPv1 p. 430]
1660 Probable marriage year for widow Mary (Gullock) Whitlock and Edward Rowzee
1660, last of April James Coghill witness to power of atty Margaret Thacher, wife of Silvester Thacher … [Old Rappah Deed Bk 1656-1664 p. 95]
1660 Approx birth year William Coghill, son of James & Alice, for he eldest child of four, and Alice estimated to have died in fall 1667.
1660, Sept 8 birth Thomas Willis Sone of Tho. & Mary [Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex Co. VA. Not named in mother’s prenuptial contract 1670, so died before 1670.]
1660, Sept 17 Silvester Thacher gave red cow to Mary Norris and her heirs. [Old Rappah deeds]
1661 Approx birth year Edward Rowzee, son of Edward and Mary (Gullock Whitlock), based on estimated date of their marriage and ‘guess’ he’s the eldest child.
1661, April 17 Silvester and Margarett Thacher to Allexander Fleming .. 500 acres in Rappah. Co. and freshes of north side of river .. Miles End … land granted Thacher & Whitlock … wit: Wm. Granger, William Lane. [Old Rappah. Deeds from Sparacio books.]
1661, May 1 Silvester Thacher to Samuell Nicholls his son John, one cow … [Old Rappah deeds]
1661, Sept 20 Will Drummond .. in Westmoreland Co. .. transporting 95 including: Silvest. Thacker, Dorothy Thacker .. [Patent Bk 4, p. 326, CPv1] Rhoda note: This doesn't say Dorothy is Silvester's wife, could be his child mentioned in 1650 patent to George Taylor.]
1661 marriage Alexander Fleming to widow Elizabeth (Madestard) Lawson Payne
1662, Feb 16 James Coghill witness to deed John Aiers to Henrick Lucas [Old Rappa Deed Bk 1656-1664 p. 255-6]
1662. Feb 20 Samuell Coghill 400 acs N side Rappa Riv, Farnham Parish, begin at miles end of land of Jno Meader, trans 8: Wm Meader .. Mary Fowles … [CP v1 p 476; PB 5 p. 254]
1662 or 1663 Daniel Gaines requests markings for cattle of Sarah and Ralph Rouzee (children of Ralph dec'd) be recorded, the sd cattle being half of those formerly in co-partnership between John Catlett and Ralph Rouzee dec'd. Catlett placed cattle in hands of sd Gaines, and are to be delivered to the orphans when of age or at Sarah's marriage. [Old Rappahannock Co. Deeds Bk 1656-1664 p. 220] Proves marriage of Daniel Gaines to widow of Ralph Rouzee, but the date of this deed isn't recorded and a firm year can't be ascertained by deeds recorded on either side.
in court regarding property Ralph and Sarah Rowzee; property transferred from John Catlett, half-brother Ralph Rowzee dec'd, to Daniel Gaines, the chn's step-father. [Amundson to Fauquier Co. list]
1663, [between Jan & Mar] John Catlett for good cause to Ralph Rowzee, son of Ralph dec’d, ½ 1542 acres, in case he dies without issue, to Sarah Rowzee, dau of Ralph dec’d. [Old Rappah D&W Bk 1656-1664 p. 224-5.]
1663 Approx birth year James Coghill, son of James & Alice – not the eldest of four children, but mother is thought to have died fall 1667.
1663 circa John Deane (1648-1712) married Jane Walker, dau of Col. John Walker d. 1668/9. [Marriages of Richmond Co. VA by King.] Deane married 2nd Elizabeth Thatcher, (dau of Sylvester d. 1667) sometime after 1684, for "Mrs Jane Deane" appears in will Robert Gullocke dated 1684.
1664, Jan 11 Recorded date deed for 2 cows to my daughter Mary … aged about 4 or 5 years (signed) Will: Clappam [Lancaster Co. Deeds & Wills 1661-1702 p. 298-99. Rhoda note: Mary was daughter William Claphan Sr. and his wife Jane.]
1664, Mar 2 “40 acres bought by James Coghill of Valentin Allen” … [Essex W&D 1711-14 p. 81]
1664, Nov 2 Alexander and Eliza.[Madestard] Fleming .. to James Coghill … 300 acres … South side Rappa River in ye upper side of Cod of the Bay opposite point between Nansemond & Nansatigmond Town .. bounding NW with Cedar Cr which devides this land & land John Gillet, NE upon the river, upon ye SE with another creek and SW into the woods .. gtd by patent April 1657 to Clemt Herbert …wit: Enoch Doughty, Robt. Mapes [Old Rappah D&W No. 1 p. .Linda note: Elizabeth (Madestard) m. 1st Epaphroditus Lawson, 2nd William Clapham Jr., and 3rd Alexander Fleming.]
1665, Mar 24 James Coghill 246 acs Rappah Co. Begin at head of Mr. Lucas’ Cr … formerly Vallentine Allins … land of Henrick Lucas … land of Daniell Games (?) [? Gaines – LSS] … to Peter Cornwell [CP v1 p. 527 PB 5, p.407]
1665, Oct 19 James Coghill .. unto John Speed 300 acs … warrant the dower of my wife Alice (A) Coghill wit: Joseph Okaine, Robt Grinsin, Archdall Combe. [Old Rappah Co D&W 1, p.56. Rhoda note: in 1667 deed James Coghill to Archdall Combs, no wife gave dower, then Mary as wife appears 1673] May 29, 1666 John Speed sold this tract to Thomas Farrel with wit: John Catlet, Edward Rouzee. [Deed Bk 1 p. 57] Mary (M) Allen relinq dower in above tract to James Coghill Feb 5, 1665, wit: Peter Cornewell, Richard Standford [Deed Bk 1 p. 58] Feb 7, 1666 James Coghill 300 acs to John Speed … ack dower of wife Alice Coghill [Old Rappah Co. D&W 5, p. 208]
1665 Approx birth year Margaret Coghill, dau James & Alice.
1665 by John Foxhall immigrated to Maryland with wife Martha and dau. Mary [MD Archives CC:775 Film No. SR 8201 as seen in Supplement to Early Settlers by Gibb]
1666, Jan 1 Mr. Francis Triplett 1050 ac Rappa Co … on line of Thatcher's .. land of Maj. Underwood dec'd … [CPv1 PB 6]
1666, Mar 7 Wm Lane gave Mary Thatcher one mare foale … I, Sylvester Thatcher Sr., Atty for Mary Rey do ack the mare fole unto Sylvester Thatcher Jr … [Old Rappah Deed Bk 3 p. 302.]
1666, June 17 Archdall Combe .. do appt my trusty friend .. Mr. Wm Moseley … my atty to ack deed unto my son-in-law Wm Underwood Jr. …[Combes – “Old Rappah. Co. VA. Linda note: "a" Marvel Moseley is grandfather of Marvel Nash, who appears with Joseph Jackson in KY and Pittsyl. Co. VA]
1666, Aug 4 James Coghill assigned 246 acs of patent 24 Mar 1665 to Thomas Kirk [The Family of Coghill by Coghill, as noted Gen. Of PA Families Hi-So. Linda note: see Jan 1712 Willis to Brown deed]
1666, Aug 11 Valentine Allen to John Speed … 14 year lease .. to farm a neck of land bounding on the lands of Wm Hodgson & James Coghill … [Old Rappah Deed Bk 3, p. 96-7]
1666, Sept 31 Upon petition Robt Payne shewing reasons to assume the name Davis, by wch he hath been called about 5 years … desiring to resume his true surname Payne …[James City General Court. Note: As Davis Robert married Elizabeth Lawson, daughter Epaphroditus & Elizabeth (Madestard)]
1666 circa death Elizabeth (Madestard) Lawson Clapham, wife of Alexander Fleming who married next Joyce ( ). He did 1668 and Joyce married Lawrence Washington, brother of Col. John. The widow Washington then married Mr. James Yates. [p. 51 Paynes of VA by Payne]
1667, Feb 14 Rorah Macrah of Rappa Co. to James Coghill of same … land bought of Wm Gibson … [Old Rappah Deed Bk part I, 1668-1670, p. 28-9] James sold this tract to Archdall Combe Dec 18 wit: Robert (his Mark) Griffin, Timothy Pell.
1667 Approx birth year David Coghill, son of James & Alice. David was not yet 18 in Oct 1684 when James wrote his will. IF he was the son of Alice (died fall 1667) then this is best fit for him. He wasn’t named in will of James’ second wife, leading researchers to think he is Alice’s child.
1667, April 17 James Coghill 1050 acs in freshes of Rappa Riv, South side, begin abt mile from head of E’wd br of Potobaco Cr in line of Mr. Robt Paine, Clarke, … paths to Potobaco Towne, to Potobaco Run, next to Silvester Thatcher to the Indian line. Trans 21: Sam’l Davis .. Dan’ll Willis … Jane Willis [CPv2 p. 18 PB 6 p. 61] Ditto 600 acs Rappah Co., S side river … 3 mi from river, begin nere Mattapony path at land of Blackborne & Gray … to Occupason run to Jarman & Page. Deserted by Sept 21 1674 when 600 ac tract regranted to Beverly & Barber. [CP v2 p. 19; PB 6 p. 63]
1667, April 17 Alexander Fleming 2750 acres Rappah Co., So side of river …Mr. Robt Paine … main run of Potobacco Cr … trans 55: Francis Willis … Silvester Thatcher, Dorothy Thatcher, Jno Deane … Nicholas Willis … [Patent Bk 6 p. 62; CPv2 p. 19. Linda note: Alexander married Elizabeth (Madestard) Lawson Clapham in 1661. Her dau, Elizabeth, was married to Robt Payne and Robt Gullocke. ]
1667, Aug 22 Thomas Duke Jr. power of atty to Wm Exam to receive property belonging to his wife, Margaret, in hands Sylvester Thatcher in Rappa Co. [Old Rappa Deed Bk 3 p. 345-6]
1667, Sept 27 Jno Catlett Gent. 4506 ac Rappa Co … betw Rappa Riv & Occupason Cr…[CPv1 PB 6]
1667, Oct 10 John Foxhall of Westmoreland Co. VA assigned right & title to his land in St. Mary's Co. Maryland to Rice Jones. [per Gibb _Supplement to Early Settlers _]
1667, Oct 21 deed Thomas Willis to Abraham Weekes, 950 acs Lancaster Co. [CP v2 p. 267]
1667, Oct 11to Nov 9 estimated death of Alice Coghill based on Oct 11 deed signed by James and Alice Coghill; deeds signed by him Nov 9 and Dec 18 were not signed by Alice, suggesting her death between Oct 11 and Nov this year. It’s proven Alice died before May 1673 when “Mary” relinquishes dower rights in land sold by James. [The Family of Coghill. Middleton genealogy says James & Alice had: William, James, David and Margaret]
1667 birth year for John Cammack, son of Warwick and Margaret ( ) Thatcher based on court's birth certificate in 1688. [Marriages of Richmond Co. VA .. by King]
1667 Sylvester Thatcher’s widow, Margaret ( ) m. Warwick Cammock. [dau Mary m. Francis Sterne per Combes – Rappah Co. VA. Combes – The Cammock Family: Warwick b. c1636, probably Boreham, Essex Co., England. He patented land on Peumans End Run in 1670. He “appears in numerous VA records over the next 10 years, but ‘mysteriously’ disappears after Feb 28, 1679 when ‘ Warwick Cammock and Bethridge (his mark) Hensle make a sworn statement concerning Mr. Fran: Doughty … Old Rappah D&W 1677-182, part II p. 262]
1668, Jan 1 Warwick Camock made bond as executor of last will & testament Sylvester Thatcher dec'd .. wit: Ro: Payne, Will: Travers. [Old Rappah Deed Bk 3 p. 358-9]
1668, Jun 22 Archdall Combe … appt my friend Warwick Cammock … my atty .. to answer suite of Maj John Weir … [Old Rappah Co. DB 3 p. 479-480 per Combes]
1668, July 6 Codicil will Col. John Walker names dau Anne Walker (now under 16) wife of John Payne. Col. Walker's 2nd wife was widow of Col. Henry Fleet; she married 3rd Col. John Stone of Rappah. Co. [p. 53-5 The Paynes of VA by Payne. p. 55-6 John's daughter Jane married John Deane abt 1676; Deane married 2nd Elizabeth, daughter Silvester Thatcher. ]
1668 John Catlett and Humphrey Booth petitioned the Gov. [to remove] Rev. Francis Doughty from Sittenburne and South Farnham Parishes, based on his ‘non conformity & Scandalous living’ [p. 328 Adventures of Purse & Person published by 1st Families of VA. Linda note: will of Elizabeth (Underwood) Butler proven 1673 names her son John Catlett and her cousin Humphrey Booth. The John Catlett in this ref is her husband. ]
1668, Dec 22 Archdall Combe .. appt Mr. Jno Foxhall his atty in a business depending between …Mr. Glover and myself, wit: Marmaduke Hudson. [Old Rappah Deed Bk part 1, 1668-1670 p. 60 per Combes. Glover associated with Joseph Jackson in KY. Coghill sons sold part of their inheritance to Johanna Hudson.]
1669 Seth Tinsley purchased from Valentine Allen the remainder of patent obtained by Allen in 1662. [Old Rappah Deeds 1668-1672 p. 158. James Coghill purchased 40 acres from Allen in 1664] The patent for 438 acres was on S side Rappa River, between two branches of a creek, running nigh land of John Jenings etc. [PB 5 p. 268, CP v. 1, p. 480]
1669, May 18 Mr. Robert King 850 acres betw Potomack & Rappa Rivers, Stafford Co. adj South side Mr. Haile’s cart path, land surveyed for Hen. Berry, Peek & Welch etc. to land surveyed for sd King & Hoggard … trans 17 including Edward Willis, Stephen Jackson [CP v2 p. 62]
1669 Probable death year for Thomas Willis Sr. Last appears in records 1667 and ‘widow Mary’ is signing a prenuptial agreement Feb 1670.
1670, Feb 6 Mary Willis of Rappa River, Middlesex Co, widdow, and with consent of intended husband Mathew Bentley, shoemaker, … unto my three children Richard, John & Ellinor Willis .. when come of age … [Richard b. 1656; Ellinor b. 1655; John b. 1658]
1670, April 18 Mr. John Butler of W’moreland Co. 597 acres Rappah & W’moreland Cos … transporting 12: Anth. Tilney
1670, April 22 Mr. Warwick Cammock 1923 acs Rappah Co .. south side of River and So side main run Puemondsem Cr adj Hen. Peters & Jno Mader … [Patent Bk 6, p 286; CPv2 p. 73] Jno Meader 625 ac Rappa Co. S of the Riv .. adj. Mr. Camock
1670 John Payne Sr. and Margaret deed land to dau-in-law Anne Payne, widow of son John, naming unborn child. This child, Elizabeth b. 1670, married Henry Thacker. Anne (Walker) Payne m. 2nd John Daingerfield. She d. by 1685 and he married 2nd Margaret, widow of Daniel Gaines. [p. 53-5 Payne]
1670, Aug 19 John Prosser of Rappah … in memory of my Deceased Martha .. to Martha, only dau of Martha … and her husband Thomas Kendall … 300 acres in Freshes of Rappah River .. South side, beg upon Swan Cr … unto George Shephard … [Rappah Deed Bk 5 p. 140 per Combes.]
1671, April 6 Edward Rowzee & James Gullock 460 acs Rappa Co. gtd Rich Moley & escheated … [PB 6 p. 381; CP v2 p. 100]
1671 Col. John Catlett (b. 1626 County Kent, England) is said to have died while defending the fort at Port Royal from Indian attack. He was officer of militia, sheriff and Pres. of the Court Old Rappah Co.
1671 will Robert Payne Sr. gives bequest to 'god daughter' Mary Meeder. He also mentions William and Mary Clapham, but not John & Jane Deane. [per Rhoda note]
1672, May 8 will Walter (X) Williams ... unto Elizabeth Thatcher a cow and unto John Cammock a young heifer ... I give and bequeath the land I bought of John Meader and Henry Peters ... to Warwick Cammock and his heirs ... and I make the sd Cammock executor of this my will. Also I give to Silvester Thatcher a steire and to Mathew Thatcher a young heifer [Old Rappah. Deeds / Wills by Sparacio]

1672, Nov 6 Within 1703 deed Jane Butler, dau Robt Gullock dec’d to Tho: Gregson … “this land part of 460 acres gtd April 6, 1671 to Edward Rouzee and James Gullock ‘brother of the sd Robert Golluck’, both dec’d, a moity conveyed 6 Nov 1672 by Edward Rowzee and Mary his wife to [her brother] sd Robert Gullock and the other moity thereof descended to sd Robert by decease of James, …

1673, March 24 probate of will Thomas Lucas the Elder of Rappah. Co. .. to son-in-law John Catlettgrandchild Mary Hawkins, Sonne Hawkins … son Thomas Lucas .executor …sister-in-law Mrs. Margaret Plammer … son-in-law Thomas Hawkins … also friend Daniel Gaines … wit: Daniel Shipley, Thomas Hawkins. [Old Rappah Co. Wills, Deeds & Wills 1, p. 152-4]
1673, May 7 will Elizabeth (Underwood) Taylor Slaughter Catlett Butler was proven in Old Rappah. Court. She named son Francis Slaughter (not yet 19), son John Catlett (not yet 21), daughter Sarah Catlett at 17 or when married, daughter Elizabeth Catlett at 17 or when married, son William Catlett (not yet 21), mentions acct in hands of Mr. Daniel Gaines, Couzen William Underwood the Elder, Couzen Humphry Booth, Couzen Catherine Booth ‘which was her grandmothers’ and if she dies to her bro. Humphrey, sister Peirce, husband Amory Butler sole executor, but he give up the estate, then Daniel Gaines to take over estate and guardianship of chn if he provide good security, overseers of will Cousen Capt. Thomas Hawkins, brother Edward Rowsee and Mr. Daniel Gaines. (signed) Elizabeth Butler. Wit: Thomas Lucas Sr., John Dawson. [Old Rappah Wills Bk 1 p. 136-143]
1673, May 9 Martha Foxhall, wife & atty for Jno: Foxhall of Pope's Cr, merchant, to daughter Mary Foxhall .. horse, wit: Robt Vaulx, Edward Lewse. [Westmoreland Deeds p. 157. Linda note: Mary (Foxhall) married 5 times; her first husband is this Robert Vaulx; 4th husband is Caleb Butler.
1673, May 17 James and Mary Coghill sold to Peter Olde, miller, wit: John Ayres, Archdale Combe. Mary Coghill empowers Daniel Gaines to relinq her dower (signed) James Coghill., Mary Coghill. [Old Rappah Deeds 1668-1672, part 1, p. 132] Peter signed it back to James Sept 1674.

1673 birth year Anthony Prosser, son of Margaret ( ) and John Prosser, who named him in his will dated this year. [Margaret Amundson in message to Fauquier Co. VA list.] 1673, Aug 28 date John Prosser signed his will named four sons, including Anthony. Will presented to court June 30, 1677

1673, Oct 7 Cornelius Wood to Lewis Floyd 200 acres .. South side Rappae River between the lands of Mrs. Bethlehem Gillson & James Coghill … part of 560 acres surveyed for Mr. White Clark … 200 acres lying on upper part of sd land .. to certaine path coming from Potobago Towne running cross the land being on the West side of sd land .. wit: Lawrence Washington, Wm (mark) Griffin. [Old Rappah D&W 1677-1682 p. 122. Linda note: Lawrence Washington m. Joyce ( ), widow of Alex. Fleming]
1674, Sept 29 Peter Old … ack to have received of James Coghill satisfaction for the land … within Bill of Sale … I doe assign back againe from me … unto James Coghill wit: Archdl Combe, Geo: Southen. [Old Rappa Deed Book 5 p. 238 per Combes.]
1674, Nov 14 Archdall Combes and Elizabeth his wife…of Parish of Sitting Bourne…to William Underwood, son and heir apparent Collo. William Underwood dec’d and formerly husband of the afsd Elizabeth … wit: Francis Triplett, Edward Rouzy [Rappa DB Part II 1672-1676 p. 278-9 per Combes]
1675 death Robert Payne Sr., Old Rappahannock Co., leaving widow, Elizabeth [Lawson who m. 2nd Robert Gullock] and son, Robert Jr. He appt'd Mr. Warwick Camock 'to see that my Will be performed' and that whatsoever person shall intermarry with my Wife be compelled to give bond with good Securitie before being invested with any

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