Summer of Kleist Memorial Tournament

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Summer of Kleist Memorial Tournament

Round 3

1. He worked on monuments to Popes Clement XIII and XIV as well as a commission from Wellington. Born in 1757, he began his career in Venice. Commissioned by Napoleon, he created a bust and two nudes of Bonaparte as a Roman Emperor. Identify this first fully Neoclassical sculptor whose best known work is The Three Graces. Antonio Canova
2. Born in Oregon, he became a professor at Caltech in 1927 after postdoctoral work in Europe. His early work was in relating crystal structure to atomic radii. Afterwards he began relating quantum mechanics to chemical bonds in “The Nature of the Chemical Bond” and “Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.” These led to the hybridization theory of atmoic orbitals, which allowed prediction of the shapes of molecules. This led to his studies of proteins and antibodies, and the chemical basis of heredity and immune reaction, and was attempting to find the structure of DNA when Watson and Crick beat him to it. FTP, name this scientist, the one of only two men to win two Nobel prizes.
A: Linus _Pauling_
3. The title of this novel refers to the cruelty of an actress to Tyrone Powers in the film “Blood and Sand.” One part contains a swooning diary by Esther, unhappy in love and full of filmic imaginings. Another part features a schoolboy essay which is a fluffy takeoff on the life of Johann Strauss. The novel is a depiction of the way people respond to life with gestures and programs taken over from popular culture. The book is essentially narrated by Toto, a boy born in 1932 in the bleakest flatlands of Argentina, who through attending films with his mother come to understand their lives. FTP, identify this novel, written by Manuel Puig.
Answer: Betrayed by Rita Hayworth
4. Formerly known as Rexton Gordon, he combined the moniker of an African king with a surname common to fellow practitioners in his field as his stage name. After completing his apprenticeship with the Roots Melody sound system in 1985, he embarked on a career that would rise steadily until the early 1990’s. His success would be fueled by his reputation for slackness, a patois synonym for lewdness. Personal appearances in London resulted in rioting and in one tragic case, a fatal shooting. He rode the wave of dancehall reggae’s popularity during this time and also became the first DJ to win two consecutive Grammys in 1991 and 1992. FTP, name the gruff-voiced “Michael Jordan of reggae” whose international hit albums include Raw As Ever and X-Tra Naked and is best known for the chart-topping single, “Mr. Loverman.”
5. He did graduate work in detection of radio waves, which led to a job at Cavendish National Laboratory, where he did important work with radiation, classifying alpha and beta radiation. He later did work with Frederick Soddy that demonstrated that radioactive elements were decaying into other elements, and used this data to derive Avogadro’s Number in the most precise manner possible. His most famous involved the deflection of alpha particles from a piece of gold foil, leading to his atomic theory postulating a large nucleus surrounded by electrons. FTP, name this British physicist, the father of nuclear physics.

A: Ernest _Rutherford_

6. Controlled by the Chinese since the second century B.C.E., it takes its name from the province set up there during Mongol rule. Part of Kwangtung province from 1950 to 1988, it then became an independent province and a special economic zone within China. It was also an independent province from 1912 to 1921, when it was known as Ch'iung-yai Island. For 10 points – identify this island in the South China sea that forms the eastern shore of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Answer: Hainan

7. He was given the rank of major general for leading his XX corps at the battle of Lookout Mountain in 1863 but retired after he was passed up for command of the Army of the Tennessee after the death of James McPherson. As commander of the I corps at Antietam, it was his men that opened the battle with the attack on Confederates in the area of the Dunker Church. After leading the Grand Division in the center of the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Fredericksburg he was selected to replace Burnside as commander of the Army. Identify this general who said “may God have mercy on General Lee for I will have none” shortly before being routed at the battle of Chancellorsville. Joseph Fightin’ Joe Hooker
8. It began with the fall of Fort Douaumont on Feb. 21, but French resistance bought time to fortify the left and right banks of the Meuse. Three months of fighting on both banks followed, and French were eventually forced off their positions at Vaux, Le Morte Homme, and Hill 304.The German attempt to seize Fort Souville failed after two months of heavy fighting. The battle settled into a stalemate by early September, while Ludendorff and Hindenburg took command of the German side. A French counterattack in October cleared the banks of the Meuse and a second counterattack forced the Germans back to their original positions, thus making it a French “victory.” FTP, name this battle of World War I, the longest battle in history.
A: Battle of Verdun
9. It helps the narrator, who is always married to Ilsebill, for four centuries, helping to keep men in a position of power. However in the 1970’s this title creature decides that men have screwed up the world and goes to the aid of some radical feminists. They put him on trial for aiding the destructive male principle and eventually he is thrown back into the sea. What is this title creature of a 1977 novel by Gunter Grass based on the Grimm fairy tale “The Fisherman and His Wife”? The Flounder (accept Der Butt)
10. As a composer, his favorite mode was the improvisation for the piano, for him a communion with transcendent reality. Only a small number of his pieces were recorded, however, and in 1945 he began to devote himself to the scored musical interpretation of poetry, ranging from Baudelaire to Rilke. He is best known, however, for his work in philosophy. He claimed to see metaphysical presences, and tried to communicate with spirits through usual flaky means like telepathy. His work parallels that of Buber, in seeking to define a dialogical relation between the person and the fullness of what he confronts. He published primarily his philosophical notebooks, like Being and Having, and Presence and Immortality. FTP, identify this Catholic Frenchman who introduced Kierkegaard to France, regarded as the first French existentialist.
Answer: Gabriel Marcel
11. Built around 940 C.E., it was granted to Azzo Adalberto by Emperor Otto I in 951 after he rescued Queen Adelaide from Lake Garda. It was the center of a county that contained the cities of Modena, Ferrara, and Reggio and reached the height of its power under Azzo’s granddaughter Matilda of Tuscany. For 10 points – identify this castle in northern Italy where, in 1077, Henry IV presented himself as a penitent to Gregory VII.

Answer: Canossa

12. Found in mammals generally as long chains and in plants and bacteria and cyclic or branched compounds, they are usually found in nature as palmitic or stearic acids. They are synthesized from acetyl groups and thus contain an even number of carbons, though the reason for the 16- and 18-carbon forms’ predominance is unclear. Generally linked to other compounds to form such materials as triglycerides, sterols, and sphingolipids, they are classified by the presence of double bonds in the carbon chain. FTP, identify this type of compound, which can be saturated or unsaturated.
A: Fatty acids (prompt on “fats”)
13. He asserted that the unity of God was absolute in both essence and being. As such, the trinity represented the essential qualities of God, namely love, wisdom and activity. The Journal of Dreams featured detailed accounts of his sexual dreams, and even when published some one hundred years after his death, they still shocked pious readers. His dry writing style about his mystical experiences stem from his writing about the discoveries of Christopher Polhem, a noted mechanical talent. Among his other works are Investigation of the Kingdom of the Soul, where he laid out much of his theology, and The Economy of the Animal Kingdom, a thorough study of anatomy and physiology. FTP, name this 18th century theologian and philosopher, the founder of the New Church or Church of the New Jerusalem.
Answer: Emmanuel Swedenborg
14. By the age of 18 he had already set poems by Jammes and Latil and had composed the opera La Brebis egaree which he described as “a novel in music.” A student of Dukas and Andre Gedalge, he was rejected for military service in World War I on health grounds however in 1916 he went to Rio with his friend Paul Claudel where he was greatly influenced by the rain forest and South American music. FTP, identify this member of Les Six who composed the opera David for the 3,000 anniversary of the founding of Jerusalem as well as Christophe Colomb and La creation du monde. Darius Milhaud
15. While studying at Cambridge, he came under the tutelage of Wole Soyinka, whole persuaded him to turn his attentions from history to literature. He found acclaim in discovering and restoring early works of black literature, including those of Harriet Wilson, regarded as the first African-American novelist. He developed groundbreaking theories on black literature, his most famous one being that the whole of black literature is an ongoing dialogue, a constant reinterpretation of what has previously transpired. FTP, this principle was espoused by this W.E.B. DuBois Professor of Humanities in his work 1988 book The Signifying Monkey: A Theory of Afro-American Literary Criticism.
Answer: Henry Louis _GATES_, J.R.
16. Born in Curacao, he was educated in the West Indies and Germany before moving to New York. There he obtained a law degree from Columbia and became a noted lecturer on Latin-American diplomacy. He joined the Socialist Labor Party in 1890 and the next year ran for governor of New York. He helped found the Socialist Labor and Trade Alliance and spent time as an editor for People as well as publishing Socialism versus Anarchism and The Burning Question of Trade Unions. FTP, Identify this socialist leader who helped found the IWW in 1905, but was kicked out 1908. Daniel De Leon

17. Often regarded nowadays as having gone round the bend for his theories regarding quantum computers in brain cells, in his more rational days he developed an eponymous diagram to map spacetime around a black hole. Along with Stephen Hawking, he proved that the matter in black hole would collapse into a singularity. Holder of the Rouse-Ball chair of mathematics at Oxford, he was knighted in 1994. FTP, name this British mathematician, whose namesake diagram allows one to visualize gravitational effects near a singluarity.

A: Sir Roger Penrose
18. William chose to remain on the island, and continues to live with this mother into middle age. As such, he remains shy and intellectually underdeveloped, though still able to express himself through singing. His mother, Mrs. Blackett, helps support them through farming and fishing on Green Island. Her daughter, Almira Todd, is a local herbalist in Dunnett Landing. In the story she befriends a writer, telling the writer of her love for a man far above her station, and how her heartbreak fuels her healing gifts. FTP, name this work about loneliness in provincial Maine, the most famous work of Sarah Orne Jewett.
Answer: The Country of the Pointed Firs
19. Its utterly singable melodies and popular style make it the epitome of the composer’s canon of works. The opening scene features Poussette, Javotte and Rosette, three young actresses of easy virtue feasting with the lecherous old Guillot. This serves as a contrast with the naivete of the title character, whom we first meet on her way to the convent. Standing in the way of the girl’s virtue, however, is the dashing Chevalier des Grieux, and the quickly enamored couple succumbs to the throes of forbidden love. By the final act, we find the young girl set to be deported to Louisiana amidst charges that she aided her paramour in cheating at the faro table. Fortunately, des Grieux arrives in time to bribe his lover’s guards into releasing her. Unfortunately, she dies of consumption shortly thereafter. C’est le vie. FTP, identify this 1884 opera, the magnum opus of Jules Massenet.

Answer: _MANON_

20. Though the full title refers to two countries, the author died of consumption before he could complete the section on the second country. Published in 1768, it was meant to further the premise that the purpose of travel was not to see new sights but to establish meaningful contacts with other people. The protagonist, who shares his name with Hamlet’s court jester and is accompanied by La Fleur, accomplishes this goal but not without complications due to his ego and inappropriate desires. FTP, identify this random collection of vignettes, the second and final novel written by Laurence Sterne.

Answer: A _SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY_ Through France and Italy, By Mr. Yorick.

Summer of Kleist

Round 3 Bonuses

1. For ten points each, name these Mexican leaders.
During his term, the budget was balanced for the first time since Cortes, and railroads linked Mexico City to Laredo, Texas, but he resigned in the face of armed rebellion.
A: Porfirio Diaz
He led the armed uprisings against Diaz after publishing anti-Diaz material from 1908 onward. He was elected President in 1911, but overthrown in 1913.
A: Francisco Madero
Commander of the Federal Army, he overthrew Madero in 1913 and had him shot four days later, beginning the worst presidency in Mexican history. His year-long reign saw eighty-four congressmen imprisoned, several murdered, and a federal senator from Chiapas was taken into a garden and shot after denouncing him.
A: Victoriano Huerta

2. Identify some hardcore 19th century Russian authors, FTPE:

(10) This guy’s most famous novel is all about some dude who is super lazy. In fact, in the book it takes 100 pages for the hero to get out of bed. The author was an official of the Ministry of Finance and later the Ministry of Censorship. Some of his works include The Frigate Pallas, and The Precipice.

Answer: Ivan Goncharov

(10) This writer was also in the government, being appointed ambassador to Tehran in 1828. Unfortunately, he died at the hands of a mob that attacked the Russian embassy. His most famous work is considered to be one of the finest of Russian literature. In Russian called Gore Et uma, it means Woe from Wit. Its hero, Chatski, has a famous monologue about European influence in Russia that the question writer’s mother knew by heart when she was 3 years old.

Answer: Aleksandr Griboyedov

(10) This dude is almost as well known for being a revolutionary as an author. He was an expert on socialism, and upon returning from Paris became involved in a struggle to westernize Russia. One of his works is also known as being among the finest prose works in Russian literature. That autobiographical work, My Past and Thoughts, is an outline of his quest for what he called peasant populism, which was a unique Russian path to socialism.

Answer: Aleksandr Herzen

3. 30-20-10-5. Identify the technology.
(30) The theoretically maximum power efficiency of the traditional technique is only 33%. Any attempts to improve this power efficiency would result in envelope distortion.
(20) The bandwidth efficiency can be improved by using the single sideband technique, while the power efficiency can be improved by suppressing the carrier. The standard form now used is a compromise between bandwidth and power efficiency, the vestigial sideband technique.
(10) The traditional form of this method of transmission is defined by the equation

S(t) = [A + f(t)]*cos(wc*t) [S of t = A plus f of t all times the cosine of omega sub c times t] where wc (omega sub c) is the carrier frequency.
(5) Its best-known use is the transmission of radio signals from 540 to 1610 kHz.
Answer: amplitude modulation

Prompt on: A.M.

4. Identify the following early English composers FTPE.
First, he was the organist at the Lincoln Cathedral as well as the Royal Chapel. While there, he composed the two volume Gradualia. William Byrd

Byrd’s teacher, together they were granted a monopoly on the printing and selling of music and music paper. Together they published Cantiones Sacrae. Thomas Tallis

His collection Cathedral Music contained works by Byrd and Tallis as well as Purcell. Identify this Master of the King’s Music up until he went deaf in 1769. William Boyce

5. FTPE identify the following theories of human emotion.

(10)This theory states that (1) the perception occurs that causes the body to react, (2) the body reacts, (3) we perceive the reaction, and (4) the emotional states sets in as a result. James-Lange

(10) This theory states that bodily reactions and emotional reactions occur simultaniously. Cannon-Bard

(10) In this final theory there is (1) perception of the situation that will produce emotion, (2) the body moves into an ambigious arousal state, (3) then the bodily state is interpreted and named based on the perception of the external, arousing situation. Schacter-Singer or Cognitive

6. FTSNOP identify the following novels by Anatole France.

(5) In this work the monk Saint Mael fails to notice that the inhabitants of an island are birds, not men, after he baptizes them. Penguin Island

(10) this work’s title character is an absent-minded archaeologist who kidnaps the orphaned daughter from the school where she is abused and unhappy. The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard

(15) this 1890 work was made into an opera by Massenet. Thais

7. Answer some questions about an economist FTSNOP:

5 – First, identify the economist who authors Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, which was an attempt to analyze the laws determining the distribution of income among the landlords, workers, and owners of capital.
Answer: David Ricardo
10 – Identify Ricardo’s law that states that any attempt to improve the real income of workers is futile as wages will remain at a level right around subsistence.
Answer: Iron Law of Wages
15 – Also espoused by Adam Smith, this concept of free trade has a group of countries with a common external tariff, but with free trade, movement, labor and capital amongst themselves. The theory examines the impact on trade following the removal of barriers.
Answer: customs union theory

8 Answer the following regarding the kidneys, FTSNOP:

5: A basic specialized kidney cell is called what?
A: nephron
10: In the nephron, Bownman’s capsule encloses what collection of blood vessels?
A: glomerulus
15: All or nothing, name the two hormones in the nephron that control salt solution levels and total water volume.
A: aldosterone and ADH (accept “antidiuretic hormone” or “vasopressin” for ADH)

9. Identify these British leaders during WWI, FTPE:

(10) He led the British Expeditionary Force in France during most of the war. He was known for attrition style of trench war tactics.

Douglas Haig

(10) He led the Egyptian Expeditionary Force that captured Jerusalem and Damascus from the Ottomans.

Edward Allenby

(10) He was the British Prime Minister until 1916. His replacement by Lloyd George provoked feelings of bitterness.

Herbert Asquith

10. The most popular way of reading something is, you guessed it, in book form. Identify the following about books, 5-10-15.

5: Books are obviously made of pages, which themselves make leaves. Give the technical name for either the front or back of the sheet.
Answer: _recto_ or _verso_
10: This is the first modern type of book. While still using vellum or parchment, it was bound and allowed for writing on both sides of a leaf. First developed by the ancient Greeks, it was also developed independently in the New World.
Answer: _codex_
15: This is the term the describes the earliest books made with a printing press. Literally meaning “cradle” in Latin, the defining characteristic of these books is that they were made while other texts were being hand-copied.
Answer: _incunabulum_

11. Identify the following about Jansenism FTPE.

Jansen, a professor at Louvain and bishop of Ypres, advocated reforms based on the teachings of this man. St. Augustine or Aurelius Augustinus

His tract, Letters from a Provincial summed up the Jansenist attack on the morals condoned by the Jesuits. Identify this French philosopher. Blaise Pascal

The movement had its center at this Cistercian convent near Versailles headed by Mere Angelique, the community was suppressed by Louis XIV in 1660, but returned to prominence and was razed in 1710. Port Royal

12. Identify the following early Renaissance painters FTPE.

Born Tommaso Guidi, most of this artist’s works have been destroyed, but those that remain include the Trinity fresco in Santa Maria Novella, Virgin with St. Anne, an the frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel of Santa Maria del Carmine. Masaccio

This painting by Uccello is a model of perspective, the focus of the people and dogs leads the eye directly to the vanishing point deep in a dark wood. Hunt in the Forest

Treating only religious subjects, this remarkably pious painter is known for the frescoes Annunciation and Noli mi Tangere both located in St. Mark’s Convent in Florence. Fra Angelico

13. Identify the following terms from electrochemistry FTPE.

A. (10) This term is used to describe an electrochemical cell in which electrical energy is produced as the result of a spontaneous chemical reaction.
Answer: voltaic cell (or galvanic cell)
B. (10) Voltaic cells can use this device to allow the movement of ions between the anode and cathode without the two reactions coming into contact with each other.
Answer: salt bridge
C. (10) This equation defines the relationship between the cell voltage and the concentration of the reactants.
Answer: Nernst equation

14. Answer the following about a famous Muslim leader FTSNOP.

F5P, born in Iraq, this ethnic Kurd began serving Nur ad-Din along with other members of his family at age 14. Name him. Saladin or Salah ad-Din Yusuf

FTP, Saladin’s greatest defeat of the Crusaders was at this battle on July 4, 1187 on his campaign to recapture Jerusalem, which he did in October. Hittin

FTP, Saladin created this dynasty which controlled Egypt until it was overthrown by the Mamelukes in the 13th century. Ayyubid
F5P, In 1192 Saladin concluded a treaty with this king that allowed the Crusaders to retain control of their empire on the Palestinian-Syrian coast but kept Jerusalem in Muslim hands. Richard I (Richard the Lionheart)

15. Identify these biblical places, FTPE:

A) Joseph brings the clan of 70 in Genesis down from Canaan into Egypt, where they settle in this place until they leave in the Exodus.
Answer: Goshen
B) This is the garden where Judas betrays Jesus and where Jesus is subsequently arrested.
Answer: Gethsemane
C) This is the ancient city where Terah, father of Abram lived. God commands him to leave and go to Palestine.
Answer: Ur

16. Answer the following questions about world cinema for the stated number of points.

(10) He helped Jean Renoir scout shooting locations for The River and in return received valuable support for his own budding career. Just three weeks before his death, this late Benglali director was awarded with an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement in 1992.

Answer: Satyajit _RAY_

(10) Completed in 1955, Satyajit Ray’s first film about a rural Indian family was based on a novel by Bhibuti Bashan Bannerjee. Its tragic end features the death of young Durga, the daughter of a shiftless amateur poet who becomes fatally ill after frolicking in a rainstorm.


(5) After seeing a rough cut of Pather Panchali, this director of The Maltese Falcon and The Dead publicly lavished so much praise on the unfinished film that Ray received a $35,000 grant from the government of West Bengal, in effect rescuing the beleaguered project.

Answer: John _HUSTON_

(5) “Pather Panchali” portrayed the birth of this boy whose life would be further chronicled in two subsequent films. The eponymous trilogy also shares its name with a workaholic Kwik-E-Mart manager.

Answer: _APU_

17. 30-20-10-5. The name’s the same.

A. (30) Along with her husband Theophylactus and her daughter Marozia, she was one of the leading figures in the Pornocracy, a period in 10th century papal history in which the election of popes was controlled by her noble Roman family, the Tusculani.

B. (20) During the Roman period of “four princes of the world,” Constantius I Chlorus repudiated his marriage to Helena in order to marry this stepdaughter of Maximian.

C. (10) This Byzantine Empress ruled jointly with her sister Zoe in 1042. She was superseded when Zoe married Constantine IX, but regained her power and became sole empress in 1055.

D. (5) Daughter of a bear keeper, she was an actress and wool spinner until meeting and marrying Justinian I.

Answer: Theodora

18. Identify the following physicists FTSNOP.

5: The last physicist to be a great theoretician as well as a great experimentalist, he led the team that built the first nuclear reactor in 1942.
A: Enrico Fermi
10: His namesake effect deals with the tunneling effect across the junction between two superconductors, enabling the construction of much faster switches.
A: Brian Josephson
15: He developed the concept of spin with George Uhlenbeck, and led the Alsos team during World War II that evaluated German nuclear progress for the Allies.
A: Samuel Goudsmit

19. FTSNP Identify these people and places from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest:

5 - This brother of Hal is an aspiring filmmaker like his father. He is mentally disabled and a midget to boot.
Answer: Mario Incandenza
10 - This is the name of the halfway house where characters such as Don and Joelle live.
Answer: Ennet House
15 – This crooner with a fear of dirt is the President of the United states during the novel.
Answer: Johnny Gentle

20. The 1981 All-Western Athletic Conference Basketball first team featured a pair of guards who both went on to be noted professional athletes. Answer the following about it for the stated number of points.

(10) One of the guards went on to a solid career as a member of the Boston Celtics in 80s and later as a coach of the Phoenix Suns in late 1990s?

Answer: Danny Ainge

(10) The other guard was this player, who went on to be an eight-time National League batting champion with the Padres.

Answer: Tony Gwynn

(5/5) For five points per answer, Ainge and Gwynn played for which WAC schools?

Answer: Brigham Young University or BYU

San Diego State University or SDSU

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