Summer of Kleist Memorial Tournament

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Summer of Kleist Memorial Tournament

Round 12

1. She becomes entangled in a lovers triangle when, sent awooing for her lord, the object of his affection falls for her. Further complicating the matter is the homoerotic relationship, as Orsino becomes quite fond of her, despite her masculine disguise. FTP identify this Shakespearean character, who becomes Cesario after a shipwreck and is the heroine of Twelfth Night.
Answer: _Viola_
2. Part of the Byzantine army went to besiege the fortress of Akhlat on Lake Van, while the rest accompanied Romanus IV into Armenia. When challenged by Arp-Aslan, Romanus attempted to reunite his army, but was ambushed in a valley on his way to Akhlat. The Byzantines fought bravely, but were betrayed by Turkish mercenaries and abandoned by the troops under the General Andronicus Ducas. The Byzantines were utterly defeated by the Seljuks, and Romanus was taken prisoner. FTP, identify this 1071 battle which led to Seljuk conquest of Anatolia and was the beginning of the end of the Eastern Empire.
A: Battle of Manzikert
3. Discovered independently by Davisson and Germer at Bell Labs and by G.P. Thomson in Scotland, it was predicted by de Broglie. It is observable only at high energies since only at extremely high momentum is the wavelength observable. This phenomenon can be utilized to find the positions of atoms in a crystallized molecule or to verify a chemical’s identity. FTP, identify this phenomenon, which demonstrated the wavelike particles of electrons and along with the photoelectric effect conclusively proved particle-wave duality.
A: electron diffraction
4. In the 1960’s he founded the University for Avant-Garde Hinduism and to this day remains its sole member. A Marxist at age 13, he was later attended the Universities of Tokyo and Munich and at the Conservatory of Freiburg. In New York he joined the Fluxus movement and established a long lasting friendship with John Cage, whom he came to collaborate with frequently. A partnership with Charlotte Moorman yielded among its memorable highlights an exhibition called TV Bra for Living Sculpture, in which Moorman’s cello playing generated images on two miniature TV screens covering her breasts. A piece of permanent lobby art, Information Wall, resides at Chase Manhattan’s Metrotech Center in Brooklyn. FTP, name this Korean born father of video art, who in 1963 in Wuppertal, Germany became the first artist to use television as a medium by using magnets to produce distorted pictures on 13 TV sets.

Answer: Nam June _PAIK_

5. Supported in his later life blindness by Corot, who influenced him greatly and it was Corot that he created the painting Advice to a Young Artist. After working in a court of law and in a bookshop, he learned painting from himself and from a painter at the Academie Suisse. Though his talents as a painter were not recognized until after his death, he created over 200 paintings. Identify this artist who even landed in prison for an offensive portrayal of Louis Napoleon in one of the 4000 lithograph he is most famous for. Honore-Victorin Daumier
6. In his early days, his poetry was indebted to the Italian Carducci, and he also translated Goethe’s Roman Elegies. His early works include Love Without Love, The Jests of Life and Death, and It is So if You Think it is So. Son of a sulfur merchant, his father had his marriage arranged with Antoinetta Portulano, daughter of another wealthy sulfur merchant. This gave him the financial independence to pursue writing and letters. His forays into psychology were focused by his reading of Binet’s Personality Alterations. In fact, questions of personal identity plagued him, evidenced in such novels as The Outcast, and One, None, and a Hundred Thousand. FTP, identify this Italian author, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934, most famous for the play, “Six Characters in Search of an Author.”
Answer Luigi Pirandello
7. Nine years after being captured by the British in 1758, almost all of its land was granted to absentee landlords who left large parts of this territory undeveloped. Despite efforts at land reform, this system remained in place until the 1870s, when debt caused by railroad construction forced the territory into Confederation with Canada. For 10 points – identify this province that joined Confederation under the condition that it be provided with year-round transportation to the mainland.

Answer: Prince Edward Island

8. Recruited into the Foreign Service as a Soviet specialist, upon diplomatic recognition in 1933 he served at the US embassy in Moscow. At the outbreak of WW II he was in Germany and briefly interned by the Nazis but when released served again in Moscow. Appointed head of the State Departments policy planning staff in 1947, he served there until becoming ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1952. He is most famous, however, for an article published under the alias “X” in “Foreign Affairs” magazine. FTP, name this American diplomat, architect of the “containment” strategy towards the Soviet Union that governed American foreign policy for 50 years.
A: George Kennan
9. He received his medical degree at Leipzig, after which he went to work developing new dyes with affinities for specific cells, including one for tubercle bacillus. Later, he went to work for Koch, where he made the breakthrough of considering the interactions of cells and antigens as chemical reactions, and searched for chemical compunds that would disrupt those reactions. After hundreds of attempts, he developed a compound called trypan red, which killed the trypanosomes that caused sleeping sickness. His most famous discovery was his 606th arsenic compund, which killed spirochetes, the organism responsible for syphillis. FTP, name this German biologist, inventor of Salvarsan and the father of immunology.
A: Paul _Ehrlich_
10. In 17th Century England, leaders of the established churches accused various sects of practicing it, including the Ranters, Independents, Familists, and Separatists. Heavily influenced by St. Paul and St. Augustine, its tenets were laid out in the 1500’s by the early Lutheran John Agricola, who considered Old Testament law extraneous to contemporary Christianity and thus proclaimed “to the gallows with Moses!” In their support of the separation of church and state, the Anabaptists would later be branded as adherents of Agricola’s doctrine, as would Ann Hutchinson when she railed against the legalistic clergy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. FTP, identify this heresy which states that through the workings of the Holy Spirit, grace eliminates the moral necessity of having to obey the Ten Commandments.
11. Son of a candy-store owner, this author’s most conventional novel tells the story of a former CIA intelligence agent and his wife, who take a sailing trip. That novel, Sabbatical, came in the midst of a series of much more twisted plots. For example, his novel Letters is a 700-plus page book containing correspondence to and from the characters of his other novels. Some of his more famous works tell such diverse stories as the story of a tobacco peddler named Ebenezer Cooke, and the tale of a boy born in a goat herd. FTP, identify this postmodern American author of Giles Goat Boy, and The Sot-Weed Factor.
Answer: John Barth
12. He 1904 is presented a paper, entitled, “The Geographical Pivot in History”, in which he argued that Eastern Europe and interior Asia had become the strategic center of the world. Those views were further espoused in a short book, Democratic Ideals and Reality. Unfortunately, his doctrines were adopted by the German Karl Haushofer during WWII, leading to suggestions that he inspired Hitler. In 1919, he was the British High Commissioner in Southern Russia, attempting to unify the White Russian forces, though he is better known for his work in political geography. FTP, identify this man, who attempted to raise the status of geography as an academic discipline, whose Britain and the British Seas is a landmark in British geographical literature.
Answer: Halford John MacKinder
13. In this reaction, an aldehyde serves as both the nucleophile (in its enol form) and the substrate (in its keto form). A similar reaction exists for ketones, but is not generally used because of its inefficiency. It generally requires generally a single type of aldehyde or ketone to avoid a mixture of products. In the simplest case, a base is added to acetaldehyde, producing the enolate ion, which then reacts with another acetaldehyde molecule to form a new molecule containing both an alcohol and aldehyde functional group. Following completion, the molecule can heated to eliminate the alcohol. FTP, name this type of reaction, so called because of the functional groups produced in its product.
A: _aldol condensation
14. He owns a small shop that sells French pornography and other disreputable items as well as ink. His wife Winnie is a large breasted woman with large hips who wears tight clothes and his brother in law, Stevie is an imbecile who likes to draw circles with a compass and pencil. He works as an operative for a London embassy and his boss is Mr. Vladimir. Identify this title character of a Joseph Conrad novel who hatches a plot to blow up the Greenwich observatory which results in the inhalation of his brother in law? The Secret Agent or Mr. Verloc
15. This lake, with no natural outlet, doubled in size from 1993 to 1998, and continues to rise at a rate of two feet per year. Governor Ed Schafer has proposed a plan to divert its waters into the Sheyenne River; however, this plan has been met with furious opposition by residents living downstream, considering the massive flooding they experienced in 1997. For 10 points – identify this lake in north central North Dakota that may be diverted into the Red River basin.

Answer: Devil’s Lake

16. The publication of his novel, A Match Made in Space, was the culmination a thirty-year series of events that began with a chance encounter with his son and a visit by Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan. After finally convincing a girl that he was her density (note to readers: that’s not a typo), they began a life long relationship at the “Enchantment Under The Sea” dance on November 5, 1955. For 10 points – identify this character played by Crispin Glover in Back to the Future.
Answer: George McFly
17. American forces were positioned across the eastern side of the peninsula from a redoubt at the high point of a hill, along a post rail fence, with their line anchored at a stonewall on the beach. With this position completely constructed overnight, they were able to avoid fire from the British gunboat Somerset and the batteries located on Copps Hill, which began as soon as day broke. Early British assaults under Howe were unsuccessful, but the burning of Charlestown to force out the snipers and the American lack of ammunition eventually allowed them to take the hill. Identify this battle of June, 1775 that proved an overly costly victory for the British. Breeds Hill or Bunker Hill
18. The astrologer gives King Dodon a fail safe warning of the approach of danger. After being called to battle, the king is met and enticed by the lovely Queen of Shemakha who seduces him to marry her, but the astrologer demands the queen as his reward for providing the title creature. Dodon kills the astrologer but the title creature pecks him to death, in the end we find that only the Astrologer and the Queen were real people. Identify this Rimsky-Korsakov opera. The Golden Cockerel or Le coq d’or
19. With reference to sensation, he believed that sensory experiences have only a pragmatic value, appraising men of harm or benefit to their bodies. Also central to his beliefs is the notion of “intelligible extension”, which is the single model idea of the essence of matter. In 1688’s Dialogues on Metaphysics and Religion, he outlined his system of philosophy in 14 dialogues. More religious than Descartes at many points, he asserted that all change is merely an occasion for God to act. After his first work, Search After Truth was heavily criticized, he further amplified his views in theological works such as Treatise of Nature and Grace as well as Christian Meditations. FTP, identify this French philosopher and theologian who sought to unify Cartesianism with the thought of St. Augustine and Neoplatonism.
Answer: Nicolas Malebranche
20. Every number in it can be expressed in ternary using either zeros or twos. Therefore, it has the same cardinality as the real numbers from zero to one, but the probability of an element in it being selected from the interval from zero to one is zero. For 10 points – identify this discontinuous set constructed by removing ad infinitum the middle thirds from the set of real numbers from 0 to 1.

Answer: Cantor set (or Cantor dust)

Summer of Kleist

Round 12 Bonuses

1. Identify the following regarding scientific equations, FTSNOP:

5: It is the equation that provides high pressure/ low volume corrections to the Ideal Gas Law.
A: van der Waals equation of state
10: The principle of least action states that this quantity, kinetic energy minus potential energy is minimized in any process.
A: Lagrangian
15: This equation models the equilibrium of a buffered acid base solution despite the addition of more acid or base.
A: Henderson-Hasselbach equation

2. Identify the storytellers in the Canterbury Tales based on description of their stories FTPE:

A) The speaker tells of the story a series of great tragic figures throughout history, ranging from Lucifer all the way to Julius Caesar.
Answer: The Monk’s Tale
B) A Marquis who rules a small area of Italy takes a poor woman, Griselda, for a wife. He then proceeds to shame her and pretend to kill her children as a test of her faithfulness. She passes all the tests and endures all of his crap, and is restored to him. They live happily ever after, even though the Marquis is obviously a misogynistic punkass.
Answer: The Scholar’s Tale
C) A 60 year old bachelor named January has a young saucy tart named May who cheats on him. However, he is blind and can’t see her frolicking with this dude Damien. By miracle he gains his eyesight and sees them romping. However she says that his eyes are deceiving him and the dude believes her.
Answer: The Merchant’s Tale

3. Answer the following questions about architecture for the stated number of points.

(5) By combining the Weimar Academy of Arts and the Weimar School of Arts and Crafts, Walter Gropius established this institute.

Answer: _BAUHAUS_

(10) During her senior year at Yale, this architect submitted the winning design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Answer: Maya _LIN_

(15) This architect and critic publicly declared that on July 15, 1972, at 3:32 p.m., modern architecture died. A proponent of Postmodernism in building design, he defines it in terms of double coding through eclecticism, that is, the juxtaposition of contradictory styles in order to signify meaning.

Answer: Charles _JENCKS_

4. Here's a bonus lead-in that really narrows it down. FTSNOP, identify these South American dictators.

A. (5) Seizing power in 1973 by a CIA backed coup, he ruled until 1990, when he was replaced by Patricio Aylwin Azócar.

Answer: Augusto Pinochet Ugarte

B. (5) Ruling from 1945 to 1955 and from 1973 until 1974, his third wife Isabel became the world's first female president upon his death.

Answer: Juan Peron

C. (10) Succeeding his father as president of Paraguay, his invasion of Uruguay led to the War of the Triple Alliance and the deaths of one-third of Paraguay's population.

Answer: Francisco Solano López

D. (10) Overthrown as dictator of Brazil in 1945, he was democratically elected president in 1951. The stress of abiding by a constitution proved too much for him, and he committed suicide in 1954.

Answer: Getúlio Vargas

5. Identify the following painters of the Spanish Baroque FTPE.

A follower of Caravaggio, this court painter to the Spanish viceroy in Naples is known for works like Drunken Silenus and The Flaying of Marsyas. Jusepe or Jose Ribera

This talented still-life artist from Seville created works like The Lying-in-state of St. Bonaventure and Apotheosis of St. Thomas Aquinas. Francisco de Zurbaran

Influenced by Zurbaran, he helped found the Seville Academy. His most famous works include Two Women at a Window, Knight of the Collar, and Girl and Her Duenna. Bartolome Esteban Murillo

6. Identify the following chemical reactions, FTPE:

10: This is a method of producing alkene bonds from ketones and aldehydes via the phosphorane yllide (read: “ill-id”)
A: _Wittig_ reaction
10: This is a reaction to reduce ketones to alkanes, by converting the ketone to a hydrazone and then treating it with a base.
A: _Wolff-Kishner_ reaction
10: An alternative method of reducing ketones to alkanes, the ketone is treated with amalgamated zinc in hydrochloric acid.
A: _Clemmensen_ reduction

7. Identify these instances where the U.S. enforced the Monroe Doctrine FTSNOP.

A. (10) In 1867, American trooped amassed on the Rio Grande to force France to withdraw their support for this emperor.

Answer: Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph

B. (5,5) In 1895, Grover Cleveland forced Great Britain to submit to arbitration to settle the boundary dispute between its colony and a neighboring nation. Name both F5PE.

Answer: British Guiana and Venezuela

C. (10) When President José Santos Zelaya was rumored to be inviting Japan to construct a canal across this nation in 1909, Theodore Roosevelt sent Marines to support a revolt against his rule.

Answer: Nicaragua

8. Lets test your deep knowledge of Claude Levi Strauss, FTSNOP:
5 – Levi Strauss was a proponent of this school of thought which seeks to understand culture in terms of the relations between its constituent elements. This is due to what he believed was the invariant composition of the human mind.
Answer: Structuralism
10 – Identify the South American country where he taught during the 1930’s, as well as did field work with the Indians there.
Answer: Brazil
15 – His most famous work is the massive Mythologiques, published in four volumes during the 60’s. You can get yourself 15 well deserved points if you can name any one of the four titles under which the parts were published.
Answer: The Raw and the Cooked, Honey to Ashes, The Origin of Table Manners, the Naked Man

9. Identify these works by George Bernard Shaw from characters, FTPE:

A) Snobby Price, member of the lower class, Adolphus Cusins, a professor of Greek, and Lady Britomart Undershaft, a domineering wife.
Answer: Major Barbara
B) Mendoza, a bandit, Octavius Robinson, suitor to Roebuck Ramsden
Answer: Man and Superman
C) Eugene Marchbanks, a poet in love with the title character, Proserpine Garnett, secretary to James Morell, a clergyman.
Answer: Candida

10. Identify the following regarding mutations, FTSNOP:

5: Mutations are caused by the change of amino acid sequence on what basic unit of DNA?
A: codons
10: This type of mutation affects only one codon, and generally do not produce serious consequences.
A: substitution mutation
15: The above is not always true, as in case of sickle cell anemia, in which valine replaces which other amino acid on a single codon?
A: glutamic acid

11. Not just Noah survived the flood. Answer the following about comparative myth and the flood legends for ten points each.

(10) The “Tamer of the Flood” in Chinese mythology, he reputedly founded China’s most ancient dynasty, the Hsia.

Answer: _YU_ the Great

(10) Deified by the god Enlil, he was consulted by Gilgamesh about the secret of immortality, he also survived the Great Flood.


(10) After Zeus decided to destroy humanity with a flood, he and his wife Pyrrha repulsed the earth by throwing stones over their shoulders.


12. Answer the following about the Mamluks FTPE.

A. (10) The term Mamluk comes from an Arabic word meaning what?

Answer: slave soldier

B. (10) The Mamluks seized power in Egypt after overthrowing this Arabian dynasty.

Answer: Ayyubid

C. (10) Although conquered by the Ottomans in 1517, the Mamluks maintained considerable influence in Egypt until 1811, when they were overthrown by this man.

Answer: Muhammad 'Ali

13. Identify the following regarding gauge theory, FTPE:

10: Gauge theory is based around a group of transformations that operate on quantum variables while leaving the physics of the quantum field unchanged. Name the characteristic of those transformations.
A: gauge invariance
10: The gauge theory of electromagnetism was developed in the early 20th century by what German physicist?
A: Herman Weyl
10: Chen Yang and Robert Mills attempted to develop a gauge theory of which force in 1954?
A: strong force

14. Hearing John Kenney whine at ACF Nationals about the unfairness of asking a question about Japanese movies that wasn’t about Kurosawa Akira has led me to call his bluff; unfortunately, you’ll be the victim. Identify the following Kurosawa movies, none of which is “Ran”, “Rashomon” or “The Seven Samurai”.

10: An unusually positive work for Kurosawa, this movie tells the story of a low-level bureaucrat, dying of cancer, who spends his final days building a playground. Critics like Roger Ebert place it among the most touching films ever made.
Answer: Ikiru or To Live
10: Elements of Noh drama are incorporated into scenes involving the supernatural, while the usurping Washizu is killed when his own men mutiny at the Cobweb castle in this Shakespearean adaptation.
Answer: Throne of Blood
10: A starving samurai wanders into a town torn by two feuding families, and agrees to be the bodyguard of one family’s scion. Before long, he uses the rivalry to his own advantage, destroying both clans.
Answer: Yojimbo

15. Identify these characters from Cervantes’ Don Quixote FTPE:

A) First, give the real full name of The Knight of Sad Countenance, otherwise known as Don Quixote.
Answer: Alonso Quixano
B) Give the name Don Quixote gives to Aldonza Lorenzo, a strapping peasant girl who is mistaken for a paragon of beauty and virtue.
Answer: Dulcinea
C) Finally, give the same of the university student, who in part two, attempts to cure Don Quixote by posing as the Knight of the Full Moon and challenging him to a duel. He loses the duel, of course.

Answer: Sampson Carrasco

16. Answer the following about World War II in Southeast Asia FTPE.

A. (10) The fall of this city on February 15, 1942 led to the capture of 80,000 men, the worst military defeat in British history.

Answer: Singapore

B. (10) Chiang Kai-shek's chief of staff at the outbreak of war, he commanded the 5th and 6th Chinese armies as well as U.S. forces in China, India, and Burma.

Answer: Joseph Stilwell

C. (10) Under this dictator, Thailand surrendered to Japan in 1941 and joined the Axis by signing an alliance with them.

Answer: Phibun Songkhram

17. Answer these questions about attempts at prison reform FTSNOP:

5 – Identify this structuralist Frenchman, author of Discipline and Punish, who described the history of the penal system and its propensity towards exclusion and alienation.
Answer: Michel Foucault
10 – This Italian jurist of the 18th century authored Crimes and Punishment, a detailed analysis of the criminal system and an indictment of the prevailing reliance on torture to produce evidence of guilt.
Answer: Cesare Beccaria
15 – This 19th century Italian brought about a shift from a legalistic preoccupation with crime to a scientific study of criminals. Although his work has been subsequently largely discredited, he did establish work programs intended to reform the penal system. His books include The Criminal Man, and Crime, Its Causes and Remedies.
Answer: Cesare Lombroso

18. Three times in Major League Baseball history, the defending World Series Champions have had but one player on the following years All-Star squad. Answer questions about these occurrences for 10 points each.

(10) The first time it happened was when the 1946 Tigers' lone representative to the AL squad was this Michigan-born Hall of Fame pitcher.

Answer: Hal Newhouser

(10) It would happen again in 1965, when this Hall of Fame pitcher would represent the St. Louis Cardinals.

Answer: Robert "Bob" Gibson

(10) Most recently, the dismantled 1998 Florida Marlins had only this second baseman make the NL team.

Answer: Edgar Renteria

19. Given the Michigan town, identify the plant or produce festival held there. Sorry, we just couldn’t resist this one, it’s so stupid.

(5) – Traverse City

Cherry Festival

(10) – Holland

Tulip Festival

(15) – Munger

Potato Festival
20. For ten points each, given the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, name the man who succeeded him.

  1. Roger Taney

Answer: Salmon _CHASE_

  1. Harlan Stone

Answer: Fred _VINSON_

  1. Edward White

Answer: William _TAFT

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