Summary of The U. S. Constitution

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Summary of The U.S. Constitution

Why Write it? For future Generations and it’s a Contract to ensure Justice

Preamble Founding Father’s Mission Statement-What they wanted to do (Introduces the Constitution and sets forth the general purposes for which the government was established).

Article I Congress is made up of two houses-The Senate and the House of Representatives-they will carry out the legislative duties of the government This article then describes how each house will be organized and how its members will be chosen (The Legislative Branch).

Article II deals with the executive branch and provides for President and Vice President to carry out the duties of this branch. The article explains these two leaders are to be chosen. It includes a list of powers the President (The Executive Branch).

Article III gives the judicial powers of government to a Supreme Court and other federal courts. The President appoints the judges of these courts. These judges serve for life (The Judicial Branch).

Article IV explains the relationship between the states and the national government (Relations Among the States).

Article V specifies how the Constitution can be changed (The amending process).

Article VI Discusses general provisions about the government (National Supremacy).

Article VII State that the Constitution will go in effect after 9 states ratify it (Ratification of the Constitution).
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