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Summary Document

Next Generation Occupational standards for CTE

Career Cluster: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

Chair and Co-Chair: Chair Benoit Doidic, Training Manager, Digital Domain Media Group

Co-Chair Gary Koser, Indian River State College

Status Reports




John Karafin has determined that his schedule will not permit him to continue as Chair Person for the Arts and AV Working Group. He has Nominated Benoit Doidic Training Manager for DDMG to take his place. Ben has graciously accepted the position. He is very familiar with the curriculum being taught in the schools and has worked with many schools establishing programs in Florida.


A meeting of the Arts and AV Program Committee took place at the KIGHT Center IRSC hosted by Gary Koser. Teams for 3 program Committees for Arts and AV reviewed at that time frameworks as possible in the time that they were allotted. Frameworks that were not reviewed or not completed that day were to be reviewed and changes and suggestions were to be sent to John Marshall within 30 days

the following Curriculum Frameworks are being considered for 2012-13

Wireless Telecommunications ((PSAV - I470305)

Radio Broadcasting (PSAV -I100114)

Digital Audio Production (8772300 / I100230)

Digital Video Production (8772400/I100240)

Film Production Equipment Operations (8772200 / I100112)

Radio and TV Broadcast Programming (AAS/AS - 0610010402)

Digital Television/Media Production (AAS/AS - 0610010212)

Television Studio Production (CCC - 0610010213)

Digital Video Fundamentals (CCC - 0610010214)

Webcast Media (CCC - 0610010215)

Broadcast Production (CCC - 0610010216)

Video Editing and Post Production (CCC - 0610010217)

Webcast Technology (CCC - 0610010218)

Music Production Technology (AAS/AS - 0650099900)

Audio Technology (CCC - 0650099901)

Theater and Entertainment Technology (AAS/AS - 0650999901)

Stage Technology (CCC - 0650999902)

Network Communications (WAN) (CCC - 0615030307)

Wireless Communications (CCC - 0615030308)

Telecommunication Engineering Technology (AAS/AS - 0615030302)

Cable Installation (CCC -0615030304)

Television System Support (CCC - 0615030305)

Film Production Technology (AAS/AS - 0610010200)

Film Production Fundamentals (CCC - 0610010203)

Motion Picture Production (CCC - 0610010204)

Motion Picture Post-Production (CCC - 0610010205)

Motion Picture Production Mgt (CCC - 0610010206)

Interior Design Technology (AAS/AS - 0404050100)

Kitchen and Bath Specialization (CCC - 0404050106)

Jon Karafin from Digital Domain Media Group considered becoming the Industry Chair Position for the Working Group if his schedule will permit.


Conference Call to review the status of the program committees for the Arts and AV working group. Discussion of list of curriculum frameworks that were updated took place.

The 2011-12 plan was modified to include a review of TV Production and a revision to the Journalism Program due to the daggering of academic courses in journalism.

Frameworks in the 3 year plan except the following were updated

Needing further review for 2013-14 were the following curriculum frameworks

1. Digital Audio Production

2. Digital Video Production

3. Film Production Equipment Operations

4. Film Production Technology

5. Interior Design Services

6. Interior Design Technology

Discussion about the status and use of the new Banner Center for Creative Industries at Florida State College in Jacksonville took place.

Report from Jud French about the status of the state tax credits for Film Production Digital Domain in West Palm Beach is hiring many Film students and the progress of the FSU Film School looks promising.


CTE/Academic Alignment Exercise was conducted by DOE. to determine academic math and science contained in CTE courses. 3D Animation was chosen to be reviewed by 3D Animation Instructor (Alan Lynch) DOE State Supervisor, (John Marshall), and a math instructor (Mariana Lewis) aligned the Next Generation math standards with the standards contained in 3D Animation. this was done to determine the percentage of math contained in the program. These have been added to the 2011-12 frameworks for 3D Animation.


Meeting of the Working and Program Committee at Indian River State College. Twenty three people many new to the working group were in attendance.

Teams divided into 4 Program committees. Each team reviewed at that time as many frameworks as possible in the time that they were allotted. Frameworks that were not reviewed that day were to be reviewed and changes and suggestions were to be sent to John Marshall within 30 days.

Discussed was the new extension of FSU in 3D Technology in West Palm Beach took place.


Conference Call was conducted to notify Working Group of the upcoming steering committee in May.
Discussion of a proposed new plan and format to present to the steering committee. A plan that includes an additional year’s worth of activities so that we are always going to be looking at a 3 year plan.
John Marshal met with Loretta to discuss the upcoming steering committee meeting and that a review of our work groups and program groups need a review since they were formed two years ago. Questions that need to be answered are:

  1. Are the chair and co-chair and others still willing to serve for another year?

  2. Who do we need to add to our groups?

    1. Business and industry

    2. Professional trade orgs.

    3. Regional workforce boards

    4. Banner center if available

    5. Local/regional economic development org.

    6. Regulatory agency

    7. Secondary sector

    8. Postsecondary sector

    9. CC sector

    10. DWE staff

    11. CTSO rep.

  3. What are the issues affecting the Arts and AV curriculum? i.e. growth or decline in the industry; passage of legislation etc. that may need our attention or looking at.


The NGOS Steering Committee met and approved the move of the Graphics Technology AS/AAS program from IT to Arts, A/V Technology and Communication.   They were also put on notice that we are working with the IT Career Cluster and others coordinating areas of synergism and overlap. 
The Telecommunications area was highlighted as under investigation for a potential move to the IT Cluster.
Jud French highlighted the good work being done in the Fabric and Sewing frameworks by Lisa Mortimore at Disney, and the Interior Design review underway with IRSC and Seminole State, in light of the Bachelors Degree programs in this area.
We have added Members to Group from Industry and Education for all 4 task groups.

Task Groups have prioritized and are in the process of reviewing existing frameworks for relevancy, updating, elimination, and develop information on gaps.


List of Criteria for the review process


  • Curriculum frameworks have been prioritized according to:

    • How much each curriculum framework is being utilized

    • Consider number of enrollment

    • low enrollment courses have been Identified

    • essential skills and updated competencies

    • articulation to bachelors degree programs needs to be in place for some programs




  • Curriculum Framework Review Plan

 Task Group 1

Chair person:  TROY A JOHNSON, []

Priority Tasks

•     Audio/Video Technology and Film Career Path Frameworks have been prioritized and review process is taking place.

•     Digital Design programs have been prioritized and are being revised


The Task Group 2

•      Chair:    Mike Smith from WCTV in Tallahassee along with other educators will represent the broadcast and TV Production group

•     Journalism & Broadcasting Career Path Frameworks are prioritized and review process is underway 

•     Suggestion a group from Orlando Tech - Paul Reel and Alan Lynch have done work in curriculum revision and will be contacted for their input Secondary/PSAV Programs/Courses

•     Suggest a name change from Digital Media to Digital Media/Arts.


Task Group 3

Chair:  Gary Koser, P. E.

Priority Tasks

  • The 5 Fabric and sewing frameworks (the TG3 highest enrollment) are being reviewed headed by Lisa Mortimore of Disney.

  • The 4 Interior Design frameworks (the TG3 second highest enrollment) is being reviewed by IRSC Interior Design faculty and is headed by Gary Koser. Will also involve Seminole and other around state.  

  • Prioritize and review Printing Technology and Digital Arts Career Path is next for TG3.

  • The Digital Media Frameworks Certificates need review and a clear purpose. 

  • Schedule is for TG3 frameworks under review to be sent for full committee review in March and finalization in May or June.

  • Concern expressed over the matching of frameworks to the new four year BAS degrees in place and being created. 

  •  The Banner Center should host meeting for Digital Media frameworks discussion in January.

  • TG 3 would like to host a meeting of committee in March at Indian River State College and Jacksonville to update and finalize curriculum frameworks and discuss industry changes in June. 

 Task Group 4

Chairperson: Judson French

  • Further discussion is needed with the IT Cluster Chair for input, coordination and review of Game and Simulation, Multimedia, New Media, Web Design, and Graphics Technology frameworks to determine crossover and linkages with other programs.

  • Investigate move of Telecommunications Career Path to IT Cluster for review

  • Work with IT Cluster’s for input, coordination and review of Game and Simulation, Multimedia, New Media, Web Design, and Graphics Technology frameworks.

  • Discussion has taken place between the IT Cluster Supervisor for input, coordination and review of Graphics Technology frameworks to determine crossover and linkages with other programs.

  • Relative to the current placement of the Graphics Technology AS/AAS program (0650040200) in the IT Career Cluster, Duane Hume Supervisor of the IT Cluster supports reassigning that particular program and its associated certificate programs to the Arts, A/V Technology Career Cluster. After reviewing the curriculum frameworks for this program, the standards align very closely with programs in the Arts cluster programs that feed into it. There is no logical talent stream from the IT programs into the Graphics Technology AS/AAS program.

  • Would like to propose to the Steering Committee reassignment of the program to the Arts & A/V cluster.

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