Summary – What is the artist inferring?

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Summary – What is the artist inferring?

-The artist is inferring that Stalin and Hitler have came together to get “married” and are now going on their “honeymoon.” In other words meaning that they have came to an agreement but with the saying in the picture of “Wonder how long the honeymoon will last” give an idea that the artist is making fun of how allies aren’t that successful. Especially if one is with Adolf Hitler.

What did the Soviets have to gain from their agreement with Hitler?

-The Soviets have to gain the fact that they were now in an agreement not to interfere with any other nations. They had made a secret deal without having any type of aggression towards one another. A secret section recognized each side’s right to take territory in Eastern Europe. Soviets wanted support but they noticed that Hitler wasn’t going to give them what they wanted.

I See:

-Hitler and Stalin getting “married”

-Their facial expressions look happy with each other.

-Both signs that represent them are in the picture.

It Means:

-Hitler and Stalin came to an agreement.

-Hitler continues to be the dominant one hence he’s the male in the relationship.

-They are willing to come together.

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