Summarize: Complete the graphic organizer by filling in the missing information of the details from the chapter

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Social Studies Chapter 1 Lessons 1, 2, and 3 Study Guide
SUMMARIZE: Complete the graphic organizer by filling in the missing information of the details from the chapter.

Different civilizations developed in North and South America.

The Anasazi developed a culture based on farming in the


Specialization helped the Maya develop a complex civilization in present-day Mexico.

The Aztecs built a powerful empire in central Mexico.

MATCHING: Match each word with the correct definition.

1. migrate e a. object made in the past
2. artifact a b. culture with organized systems of government, religion, and learning
3. civilization b c. payment demanded by rulers from their people
4. drought d d. a long period without rain
5. tribute c e. to move to a different place

FILL IN THE BLANKS: Using the words: mesa, Ice Age, ceremony, empire, specialize, Bering Straight, Tenochtitlan, Cahokia, Copan, Four Corners from pages 55, 61, 62, 67, and 68, fill in the blanks with the vocabulary word and place to complete each sentence.

6. Tenochtitlan was the main city from which the Aztecs ruled their empire.
7. Many Anasazi lived on the top of a mesa in the Four Corners area.
8. During the Ice Age, a land bridge at the Bering Straight connected Asia with North America.
9. Mound Builders held religious ceremonies on a huge mound they built at Cahokia, Illinois.
10. The Maya, who were able to specialize because they grew surplus crops, had a burial site at Copan.
FACTS AND MAIN IDEAS: Be able to answer the following facts and main idea questions from Lessons 1, 2, and 3.

11. Why did hunters probably cross the land bridge from Asia into North America thousands of years ago?

Hunters likely followed animals across the land bridge.
12. How were the Anasazi able to grow crops in the dry lands of the Southwest?

The Anasazi dug ditches from streams to their fields to irrigate their crops.

13. How did the Aztec Empire grow and become powerful?

The Aztecs sent out armies to conquer other peoples.

14. About how many years were there between the development of agriculture in North America and the beginning of the Anasazi culture?

About 5,000 years.

15. How did the first people in the Americas get food?

The first people in the Americas hunted for food and gathered plants.

16. Describe three early cultures that developed in North America.

The Anasazi built dwellings into the sides of cliffs in the Southwest. The Mound Builders lives east of the Mississippi and built huge mounds for ceremonies. The Aztecs built an empire in Mexico.

17. What three powerful civilizations grew up in the Americas south of the area that is now the United States?

The Aztecs, Maya, and Inca.

18. How did specialization play a part in the development of civilizations in the Americas?

When people could specialize in particular areas, they could make many advancements in science, math, and other fields. This allowed civilizations to become more complex.


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