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The Political History of English Literature

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Satire in George..........

2.3 The Political History of English Literature
"(1)Herbert believes that to define English literature taken as a historic whole and endeavor to define and consider it a port, its character and its changing manifestations Some men of letters approach the study of literature in an a prior fashion. It is a common assumption that acknowledge of political history is essential to aright understanding of literature (P"
"(2) Meyers, L. Bessel states that literature is a mirror that reflects human culture and experiences. It examines all life aspect namely economic, social, psychological and political dimensions too. Literature is abridging that shortens the distances among nations and links people indifferent parts of the world. It contributes to enrich people thinking as well as imagination literature is culture of people's (P 10).

"(3) Orwell, George believes that communism ideology robs Man of his basic human right namely freedom, justice and equality. Communism chains mankind development in many walks of life. Since it control all means of production and thus, deprives lower- classes from promoting their life standards (Pb The Russian Revolution

Janssen, Sara states that "There were two revolutions in 1917. The first was February in which the Czarists regime was overthrown and a republic was established led by the Doma. The communist overthrew the
Doma and held election. Lenin didn't win the elections but seized power anyway. In October revolution, the Bolsheviks fought and defeated the
Mensheviks. The Russian Revolution changed the course of Russia causing them to become a superpower, which gave Russia the ability to change the world. The first leader of Union of Soviet countries was Lenin. Lenin was a strong influential and charismatic leader. He rallied the people of Russia around him and promised them more equality. The people of Russia Loved him even though, he ruled for assort time Lenin died in 1924, before his death he warmed of future leaders. Lenin defeated resulted in internal power struggle that was won by Slain. He succeeded his position by exiling opponents. He resorted to a series of purge trails, mass of executions and exiles to work camps. These tough measures resulted in million deaths based on accounting estimates (Pb Forms of Animal Farm

"(5) According to Menchhofer (1990) who states that Animal Farm is all of these things table, Satire allegory, and anti-utopian novel. It is first affable. Animal characters represent human personality types and emphasize to domination and exploitation of the nave by the cynical and ruthless (P"

"(6) Kennedy X, J (1979) states that affable is a brief story that sets forth some pointed comment on human life it has amoral lesson to teach us. It show how human behaves indifferent life situation ions and what lessons learnt'
"(7) ON the other hand, Keach, William puts it that " Allegory is a tale inverse or prose in which characters, actions, or settings represent abstract ideas or more qualities. Thus, an allegory is a story with two meanings, a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning (P"
"(8) Keach, William puts it Satire is a kind of writing that holds up to ridicule or contempt the weaknesses and wrong. Doing of individuals, groups institutions or humanity in general. The aim of a satirist is to set amoral standards for the society, and contempt of persuade the reader to see their points of views through the force of laughter. The most famous working English literature is Jonathan Swift Gulliver's travels (P) Fish, Sanely (2011) adds that Satire, the art in which vice of folly is attached through irony, derision or wit. Satire is somewhere between direct brutal inventive and mild saracasir. Satire is less direct than the former and more cutting than the latter. It doesn't quite come out and say what it is saying, and what it is saying is often devastating. It is a mode of writing characterized y great control of tone, the length of sentences. Safire is cynicism, dyspepsia, disgust and anger (Pb Satire Definition: Satire from the Latin satira, a letter from of atura, which means "medley" being elliptical of word has no connection which a Satire is a poem, or in modern use sometimes a prose composition in which prevailing vices or follies are held up to ridicule. In English literature Satire maybe held to have begun with Chaucer who was followed
Skeltion used the Octasyllabic meter and rough manner which was be

paralleled in later times. The great age of English Satire began with Dryden, who perfected the epigrammatic and antithetical use of the heroic couplet for this purpose. He was followed by Pope, Swift, Gay, Prior and other satirists of the Augustin period.

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