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Satire in George..........

1.1 Statement of the Study Problem
In studying literature by common, and by those students who major the field, they thought that do not pay attention to one of the major concepts of studying literature and the misunderstanding of literary technique that could make a big problem to understand and analyze many literary works, research wants to find may groups in literature generally unable to analyze apiece of literary work such as noels, plays short stories, and prose. In this study, the researcher meant to elaborate what is satire in general with a specific focus an Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty four as two of the Novels in which this technique issued as well as highlighting the masterfulness of Orwell as political writer, The researcher wanted to give write about this part in order to bring different ideas about writing literature.
1.2 Questions of the Study
This research attempts to answer the following questions
1. How does Animal farm and Nineteen Eighty four become apolitical Satire
2. Is there any difficulty to understand Satire in literature
1.3 Hypotheses of the Study
The hypotheses of the research are formulated as follows
1. Understanding Satire is key to understand Animal farm and Nineteen Eighty four as novels.
2. Satire has direct effect upon shaping and strengthening the pot and them in Animal farm and Nineteen Eighty four.
1.4 Objectives of the Study
The objective of the research is certainly intended to answer and solve the research problems stated above, that is to say to explain through literary analysis to how Orwell excelled the use of Satire as

literary technique in Animal farm and Nineteen Eighty four. This research wanted to elaborate in details how Satire was used in the two novels so that such elaboration is applied to any literary work of literature. Also this research will help the common and the average reader to understand the art of literature, and how writers beautify their works using literary technique such as Satire.

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