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Satire in George..........

4.0 Introduction
76 4.1 Summary of the Study
77 4.2 Conclusion
80 4.3 Recommendations
81 4.4 Suggestion for further Studies
82 References
84 Appendix

Chapter One

1.0Background (About the chapter)
This chapter involves the conventional subtitles that form the subject matter of the proposal. However, it is important to remember that literature is the mirror which reflects artistically and respectably the reality in the society and edify its members. In studying literature, one of the most aspects of it understanding what has been termed as literary devices in general. This term in literature is always a place of confusion for any learners, and especially those students who major literature field. To understand literature you need to study and understand the literary devices because it could be the key to learn and now about the literature world. This, we must study literature and literary devices to achieve two aims. The first aim should be to enlighten the learners about the life and their cultures. The second aim is to foster the learner's skill in English language. In other words it learner different. It provides learners with different Skills that help them to understand at the branches of English Language such as grammars, linguistic semantic, syntactic and iterative itself. It means that we must consider literature a language skill subject that has the capacity of foster the communicative and ideological potentiality of the learner. On the other hand, the concept of literary devices raters to the typical structures used by writers in their works to convey message to their readers- literary simple manner to their reader's literary devices help readers to interpret and analyze a literary work through literary analysis approach, which means that you are able to understand many and different literary devices.


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